Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hai Zi~

As much as i would like to post and relive the wonderful hols i had recently in JB meeting up friends and going for a one day Spore zoo visit, i'm just too lazy now especially since all the pics are still in the camera.. Ha ha silly me i thought i had the memory card reader, when i dont.. akan datang i suppose.

Me and Jh seem to be paying a lot of bills every month and the astro bill is the most redundant cos we seldom watch it now. Except weekends (for me). I dont know when the nice shows are on and when i just tune in randomly i'll be spending lots of time just flipping channels and finding out i've just missed a big part of the programme i really want to watch~ Sigh

But i'm waiting to watch this show though called 'Hai Zi' part of the AEC slew of Malaysian Chinese life themed shows, this time seen through the eyes of children.I've already marked it on my post it note to tune in on 16/8/09 Sunday 10pm.

I think Sunday is my fave Astro day cos i watch 'Chao Ji Xing Guand Da Dao- one million star' while sweeping the floor from 6.30-8.30pm then i watch 'Cup of love' or something like tht at 8.30pm on 8tv, then 'I want to be a model' at 9.30-10pm on 8Tv and now this!! Muahaha i'll be busy from 6.30pm till 10.30pm!

Love this trailer cos this kid is just so cute.

Loved it when he says 'The soft drink bought with the money i earned myself tastes sweeter'.

How come i'm not as wise as him when i was a kid?


Kewei Khau said...

those kids who borned in that environment usually have something inside that those rich kid dont have. love them so much.

saltvinegar said...

Yup~ its better to be a poor kid than a rich one in that sense~


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