Sunday, 26 July 2009

Shopping again~ what else can i do

It is with much pleasure tht i present to you pictures of my shopping trip in Times square. We went there predominantly for the doughnuts (Krispy Kreme what else?But seriously over rated) but ended up realizing that Times Square is a cheap shopping haven! Cheap clothes shop every where.In fact mush cheaper than Sg Wang!! Times square looks nice and high class in the first 2 floor but thats it. The rest of the 8-9? floors are filled with cheap la la shopping!

I'm not one to turn up my nose at cheap shopping so i was like a kid let loose in a candy store.I even tried the dubious cheap fish spa and indulged in a much needed reflexology session. Seriously the shop i want to was really like a shop with a tiny pond and few fish just enough for 2 people. And next to the pond there were 3 seats for ppl doing reflexology. Only RM5 for a 15 minute dip in the fish spa pond.

Of course the catch why its so cheap is because:
1) Not many fish
2) Many of the fish were huge already and everyone knows the smaller fish are better at getting rid of unwanted dead skin cells
3)There was huge competition from a similarly caplang shop opposite

But it didn't matter cos i wanted to at least try it once just to feel how its like. I was there for the reflexology session anyway. RM 20 for 30 minutes from below the ankles. I'd have to pay RM25 for 30 minutes if i wanted the massage to be from the knees and below.So of course i chose from the knees la cos i really wanted a calf massage as well.

So the fish spa was really ticklish at first but i got used to it and it was enjoyable seeing the fish feast on my feet. There was a pretty iran/arab lady next to me with her little kid and it was fun to see the cute kid take his feet out of the water every time the fish came. Ha ha ha initially the Arab parents asked the shopkeeper to let their son just try it but the shopkeepers being business people said 'NO , 5 dollars'.Jeez so i guess they wasted five dollars right there cos the kid just sat there looking at the fish and he din want any of the little (or big) buggers biting him.

Sneaky secret shot of the arab kid~

Since the kid was sitting next to his mom and splashing at the water every time a fish came near, the fish all eventually flocked to my relatively motionless dead skin abundant feet. Ka ka ka even those sucker fishes that were supposed to be sucking shit/debris from the pond came over to have a go at my feet.

All right so the reflexology was not as good as the Ipoh one where they had actual Chinese from China doing the massaging, but it was better than the nothing i got in Slim River.

So fish spa plus reflexology should be 30 bucks right? So i paid my 3o bucks and got ready to wear my sandals when the shopkeeper came and gave me 5 bucks change and said thank you please come again. So of course i took the change and said thank you and left.
Kua kua either they:
2)loved me a lot
3) tried to rip me off by saying the massage was 25 bucks (knees and below) when it was supposed to be actually just 20 bucks but then they forgot to rip me off (makes sense?)
4)forgot completely i had the fish spa prior to massage (they were a bit old)

I didn't bother to correct them cos:
1) the massage lady was totally professional and at times shouted to would-be customers to patronize their shop WHILE she was doing reflexology on me
2) 20 bucks for 30 minutes is about right
3) i asked her to do more massage on the sole of my foot but she seemed to like to press her knuckles against my tarsal bones more!

Anyway it was nevertheless a nice experience.

After the invigorating massage, i seemed to have a better mood for shopping and in 10 mins snapped up 2 items of (cheap) clothing. These are the spoils:

Checkered top RM15, fur trimmed jacket RM25 (dunno when i'm ever gonna wear), BB cream and black head silicone remover from Etude house, cyber clean high tech cleaning compound Rm18 (sheesh more ex than my shirt)

BB cream and silicone black head remover.

Free gift! Mascara? Not so lucky just cotton pads and a file with a Korean chap on it. Anyone knows who he is? And does anyone want the file?

I had been using a Etude house BB cream (Magic BB cream) since a few months ago till now.

It did not cause much problems so when i saw a new BB cream which had not only the SPF protection that my old BB cream had but also whitening and anti wrinkle properties my hands somehow flew into my wallet and handed some money to the cashier to buy the precious mineral BB cream. It comes in sheer glowing skin for dry skin and sheer silky skin for oily to combination skin.

I admit i bought it because of the nice pink packaging and discount. I think they gave me a 10% discount on the BB cream and 50% discount on the black head off finger tip silicon.I don't know exactly how much each item is but i paid around rm67 for both. Cant seem to find the receipt. So anyway i found these really nice pics of the Etude shop at mymakeupreviews
and i really have to post it here!

The photos are of such fantastic quality and i really salute people who actually have the guts to go and photograph stuff in shops openly. I always just try and take pics secretly but of course those always never turn out nice.

It's true , its all about the packaging!

So this is a better pic of the product from taciturnity serenity. I have not tried it out yet but found some reviews from Lotus place as well as Taciturnity Serenity. have a look if you're interested in buying. If not just enjoy the pics.

I bought the white one cos my skin is oily/combination type.

UPDATE: (31st August 2009) After using this BB cream 3 times i now deem it utterly useless!! OMG makes me look like a Chinese opera singer cos the colouring is just too light! I'm not exactly dark skinned so you've got to bee really really white to use this product! A word of advice? Don't buy this or you'll end up like me~ i'm now using it over my legs!

And i'm pretty chufffed that i finally have my own baju kurung!Bought the batikcloth from my nursewho brought it all the way from Terengganu (lets not mention prices).. and sewed in Slim River for Rm40.
End product

I just love the different patterns on the top and bottom~ and it's all hand drawn!

Time to work again~

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