Monday, 6 July 2009

Time to post

Have not been posting anything up cos there really is not much to blog about in sleepy Slim River~ just work come home use the internet eat lots of durian~ wow i think we must have bought like 5 rounds of durian then my dad also sent durians from JB some more.. phoah~ i'm bursting with durians now and feeling really heaty~ No wonder all my pimples are popping out haha~

So i think the only highlight is that i actually found complete episodes of 'Fighting Spiders' muahahaha~ i've always wanted to watch it cos the trailers look really good and its set in the..60's? My parents era anyway and it's really nice to see the sights and sounds of that era. Really like the kampung vibe.. haha

But i never got to watch it cos everytime i go back to JB i end up flying back on a Tuesday morning and the show is shown on Tuesday night~ Doh~ so once again many thanks to youtube heroes!Ha ha ha

I think this is the first local singapore english drama set in the 60's since 'Growing Up' in the 90's. And the show is really good~ Now i know what 'tikam-tikam' is and how ingenious kids of the past are in creating their own games and fending for themselves. It's great to actually see what 'ice-ball' is cos i've always wondered what it actually looks like.Previously i only saw it on "Lat" comics.But I've never heard of 'Ting ting' sweets though~

Have a look~ i'm up to episode 7 and it's quite good so far~

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andrew said...


u can join the fighting spiders facebook group and watch ALL the episodes in the video section.

hope that helps and you enjoy the show!


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