Monday, 6 July 2009

Ha ha

I was too bored for words so i just went and looked up the 'Fighting spiders' official website.So of course they had to describe life in the 60's in Singapore.. what food was popular.. movies and fashion in the 60's and as i was browsing through the hangout section i saw a very familiar picture under Tiger Balm Gardens aka Haw Par Villa.

Hmm... and it struck me we have the exact same picture at home in one of the old photo albums. Only it was not in the form of a photograph but in the form of a postcard. So what was a postcard doing in my family photo album?Ha ha well my mom said that while my dad and uncle were walking past the main gate a photographer must have taken a picture of the entrance at the same time. So later when someone saw that the picture had been mass produced as a postcard and recognized my dad and uncle they bought it.

Ha ha so now years later i see this photo again on the internet.Ha ha what are the odds? Have a look see at my cute father and uncle when they were young~ Click on the photo for a better view.

Ha ha great postcard even if i do say so myself!Thanks to the ang moh who scanned all the postcards of Tiger Balm Garden here.

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