Monday, 22 June 2009


Worked really hard for my back to back calls last weekend and made the right decisions~ phew.. totally did not sleep last night cos was bothered every hour to half an hour by phone calls from casualty, labour room, SCN and to a lesser extent ward thinking about the problematic babies that cannot tolerate feeding/developed fever etc.

Post call i went back and had a long snooze (from 2.30 to 6 pm) and have been just watching TV and youtube since. Jh is on call so I'm just passing my time away~ starting to feel sleepy though.

I've been missing on so many Spore variety shows these past 2 years but luckily i have Youtube muahaha~ love love love it~ Been watching Paris and Milan lately. It's a bit lame at first but then you soon get used to the camp and corny jokes that you can't help chuckling along.

I don't know why people upload shows on youtube or songs for that matter but i think they are wonderful selfless souls who spend hours of their time uploading good clips to share with poor deprived people like me.Thank you whoever you are~

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