Thursday, 4 June 2009


I can still shop best in my hometown city favourite ~ city square~ i guess i shop best when on holiday~

Holiday picks

And mom got me a shirt from Pulau Perhentian~ thanks mom.. not to mention being always game to shop~ i must take after you..

OK random post over~ oh interesting fact of the week~ lost my phone so had to use JH's phone during calls. Then someone called to say his sis found my phone and he has returned it to the Taman Tun Maxis centre~ and i was actually looking forward to buying a new phone too haha.


Daniel said...

Wah, ppl in KL so honest de mer? I am shocked! :p

Daniel said...

oh oh, you can add Salha on facebook:

saltvinegar said...

yeah lor.. i tot my phone gone liao~ hmm maybe my phone is considered too old liao.. or maybe the brother found out wat the sister did and made her give it back? i think school holidays la maybe a sec school student found it..


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