Monday, 15 June 2009

Slim River cheap~

Even though there is practically nothing to do in Slim River, it can't be denied things here are still rather cheap especially services! I have grown to love Chinese hair salons since i worked as a houseman in Ipoh. In Ipoh hair salons are everywhere (boutiques too) and there were two at a row of shops opposite my rented house then.

I picked the old school obasan looking one which was run by a Taiwanese obasan and her daughter and they gave such excellent and friendly service i had to come back for more.At the time i loved feeling like i was in a real home with a TV and family chatter cos my house then was really empty. But what i loved most of all was the lovely hair washes. I had never known that a hair was in a chinese salon is never just a hair wash.It is a full head massage.. plus neck massage too.

I would practically feel so relaxed i would close my eyes and nearly sleep on the salon chair while they caress and massage my scalp. Pure bliss. A haircut plus wash in Ipoh is 35 ringgit. Practically JB salon prices (high class salons like Jantsen and Thomas and Guys charge around 45).

But in Slim River.. whoa.. idun noe if i get special treatment or wat .. but the hair wash and blow lasts for damn long. A cut is just 9 bucks.. and it only takes 10 minutes. Then 50 minutes is spent washing and massaging my head.. first it was the shampoo girl who was nice and gentle.I was like half smiling while she massaged my scalp , behing my ears, my temples, and the neck and shoulder massage was just heavenly. She did 2 washes and iwas already really pleased and satisfied and ready for the rinse when the owner and hairdresser herself came and took over.

She started massaging and then started scratching my scalp! Like really aggressive vigourous scratching. I've read that people actually like that but not me. It was painful at times but nothing unbearable. She actually did it for another 2 cycles (imagine they squirted shampoo on my hair 4 times!!) then only started rinsing. She made up for the scratching by really blowing my hair properly and making it look real nice and straight. All that effort and i only paid 10 ringgit for the wash and blow.

Fu yoh damn worth it~hahahaha~

And the other day i bought some cloth from my nurse~ kain sutera from Terengganu with hand painted Batik design. It was something i have never seen cos the cloth was 2 metres of one pattern and 2 metres of a different pattern so the top and the bottom will match but have diferren patterns. Coolness. I don't know if it's cheap of expensive but i paid rm 150 for that. But what i do know is the sewing is really cheap. Only 40 bucks for a baju kurung! haha but dunno what it will turn out to look like though.

All Slim River needs now is a nice reflexology parlour ~ muahaha

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