Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Food and happy buys

Nothing very much happened just the usual work work work and spend spend spend~ woots.. besides the fact of course that someone actually found my phone, switched it off.. switched it on again but refuse to pick up calls and then hand the phone to her brother Bernard who then tracked JH's number through my sim card at the Taman Tun maxis centre with the intention of giving it back~ the rest is otherwise history and am now thankful that honest people still exist in this world.

Put a post up on facebook and so far comments have been like,

'I've never heard anyone recovering their phone once they've lost it.'

'How come no one returned my phone when i lost it'

The only sane answer i could think of is :
1) Luck
2) My phone is not worth much to be sold and is falling apart
3) The guy who returned it says he knows how it feels to lose a phone as it has happened tohim
before.. so also luck
4) er.. karma? I found a phone once in IMU and returned it~
5) most people already own a phone~ no point having too many cheap phones

So anyway have a lot of random photos in JH's phone which i thought i'll just upload here.

Elaine and Jin Aun's graduation~

Finally get to meet up again~ the tree of us used to do really crazy things as a kid

When Elaine and Lynda came down to JB once.. i think we were in primary we pretended we were the famous five.. we called ourselves the fabulous four and were cracking a case involving my neighbour (who lives directly opposite-easier to spy on) and his Philipino maid. I forgot what exactly we were looking for but we would spend a lot of time at my balcony spying on his maid if we don't see her we would deduce that she was missing~ and due to the over influence of Enid Blyton books we would have midnight feasts and hide all our food in the toy basket~ We also buried treasure in my house and made a pact to uncover it the next time the 3 of us are in JB again~ and the 'treasure' is still buried till today cos that was the last time all 3 of us were in JB~

Lynda bought this RM120 bouquet from!!

Whee~ we're all the same height~

No pics with Jin Aun cos all of it is in Jh's mom's camera~

The rest are shopping photos... the only way i can justify that working is worthwhile~

Jh loving his Paddington house of pancakes~

This is a pancake?? Its called Brussels and i chose it cos there was bacon~

The following week we ate at 'the apartment' at the curve.. and basically the decor was like an apartment.
And we ate in the bedroom~

Drinking ice lemon tea...

and eating the entree of bread and butter...

so little ler~

Our appetizer.. cheese platter~ i've always wanted to eat this since watching it on Discovery travel and living.. but it was rather the end of it i was rather sick of cheese. The best tasting thing on this platter?? The frozen grapes!

Dig the blue cheese~ but too much of a good thing aint good..

Jh ate pasta~

While i had more bacon~
Bought the weirdest things this trip.. haha.. sort of addicted to going to Daiso and just browsing through all the 5 dollar stuff.. Bought a highly recommended by skindeco eye brow pencil.. and reflexology stepping pads as i am having post-ipoh reflexology withdrawal syndrome. I wish i could have reflexology every single day!

Bought some working clothes from Padini~

And bought a dance mat!!
Only 60 ringgit and it really works a sweat.. So far Jh has been practically pulverizing me in this game~ my God i have really bad hand eye coordination and reflexes.. i think i shall let my kids play more video/computer games.. i do it once a day to fulfill my exercise quota for the week..

Also bought Archie comics.. 3 for Rm27.. the normal price is 14 ringgit per comic.. still expensive but was really itching to read some comics.Gonna pass them to Ben when i'm done reading.

And lastly residual photos from Pei Lynnn and Voon's wedding.. did not turn out that great but i think Shin Chee looks good in this photo.. haha so upload just in case he wants it.

Smiles all around~

Nice wedding invitation card~

Can't wait for the weekends to rest again~ rather tired from working..


shinchee said...

lucky u got ur phone back!!
oh n thanks for the compliment, i'm taking the photos down! keke...
enjoy the coming weekend!

saltvinegar said...

hehehe u enjoy ur weekend too!

Jarien said...

wow .. u got urself a dance mat !!!
hehe, must be nice playing it :)

saltvinegar said...

hahaha very tiring but fun~ hahaha if i go for the wedding i bring to JB and we play together~but sure u'll beat me ler


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