Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wedding of the year~

Wow this really seems to be the wedding season~ What with Shaun and Michelle's wedding. Last Saturday was Pei Lynn and Voon's wedding~ and it was another wonderful wedding cos the company was great! Sort of like a mini IMU and Ipoh GH gathering.. I din have a camera with me so all these pics were stolen from Facebook.

It started off pretty bad with me and JH with Shin Chee and Chang Haur and Cecilia being caught in a jam on the way to Concorde hotel~ Saturday also jam.. these KL ppl are crazy.

But things went great from then on. We were greeted at the reception by Kelvin's very handsome and Eurasian looking younger brother~ as the evening progressed i discovered that Kelvin has 3 other brothers and the younger one was even better looking! Swoons~ so unfair. As quoted from Mee Mei 'God is so unfair! Four good looking sons in the same family!' Unfortunately i did not take any pics of them as 1)That would be rude cos i dun noe them 2)I'm here for Pei Lynn and Kelvin 3)Jin Hui was there 4)Too many wonderful freinds to catch up with.

Look at this stunning picture!! My God Yao Pei takes such great photos~ It helps that the couple are lookers too~

We were seated at lucky number 8.
The whole IMU gang from UK to JB to Lahad Datu was there.

They even had Kok Lim and Way Tern performing the 'Horse Race' just like old times.

They have ridiculous cold plate presentations in JB but this one really takes the cake~

Very Cheena restaurant~ but great food though

Way Tern and Ken Ang reunited!

All the way from UK and basking in Malaysian goodness~

Yam Seng~from which part of the family did they get their good looks?

Every chance was a photo taking oportunity~

The quality of photos of different cameras are really different , no?


Same scene, different camera! Makes me want to invest in a good camera~

Won Chung!


For those of you who don't know Chia Yee (second from left) is Kok Lim's bride to be.

Everyone stayed back after the wedding to take photos~
It wasnt too draggy, it wasn't boring at all~ its was quite frankly one of the most enjoyable weddings ever. And we all crashed their wedding suite (no la invited to their hotel room) for personal viewing of the wedding photos and the beautifully made up bride in her unglam nighie~ haha should have taken pics.

All in all a wonderful wedding between two wonderful people.

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