Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chocolate truffles taste like this?

So one fine day after browsing through the Valentine's issue of 8 days i chanced upon this page and i thought it would be a good idea to surprise my beloved with a wonderful box of chocolate truffles.

Looks easy enough.

Unfortunately i did not have enough time to actually but the ingredients so i had to forgo the surprise element of this gift and forced my said beloved to buy all the ingredients right down to the exact brand of each item as dictated by the manual.

As i was particularly excited at actually making chocolate truffles as i have never actually eaten them before i took step by step photographic evidence of the procedure.

1. Lindt 85%cocoa dark chocolate (could not find so JH bought 50% or something)
2.President whipping cream
3. Hershey's cocoa powder

So simple right only 3 ingredients~

Step one: Break the 100g of chocolate into a bowl.

It will roughly look like this.

Step 2: Heat 100ml of cream in a saucepan.

Step 3: When the cream boils , pour into the bowl with the chocolate chunks. Can add some liquer at this point but unfortunately i had none.

Step four:Stir mixture till smooth.Then refrigerate 2-3 hours to set

Ha ha quite de smooth right?

Step five: Using a teaspoon scoop out bite-sized balls and then use ur hands to shape into smoother spheres.

Step 6: Dust the chocolate balls in a plate of sifted cocoa powder and there u have it lovely chocolate truffles.

Put them in pretty cupcake paper moulds.

I also tried some with chocolate sprinkles and hundereds and thousands.

The ones without cocoa powder nicer lor.

But my story does not end here. After an hour of 'cooking' i concluded i enjoy the process more than the end result. My God the chocolate truffles taste funny! Are they supposed to taste like that? The horrible cocoa powder left a horrible bitter aftertaste. Imagine if i had used 85% cocoa dark chocolate!! My whole chocolate balls would be so damn bitter!! How can people eat this stuff?

So in conclusion dun try this at home. Unless u really like your food and deserts BITTER~

And its all your fault.


Jarien said...

hehe .. practise more ..
then let me have some after u got it rite ..

saltvinegar said...

eh i think not my prob la!! must be the recipe punya problem.. haha come slim river la.. when are u going back jb next?


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