Tuesday, 28 April 2009

So sien~

Work work work.. my life is just non-stop work now.. Have been doing EOD (every other day) and a few back to back calls for the past 2 weeks or so and there is another week of it to go. Din really mind it that much cos even though i was busy all the patients were cared for and safe and healthy. However after all the slogging last night stabilizing ill patients, all i got was a sort of sounding off for not doing something that was asked by the specialist the previous day~ i seriously dun remember him ordering it la~ plus the kid was extremely well jumping around here and there with a problem that has been brushed aside by the previous specialist for damn long.. The child is very well now though~ Hai~ all the hard work not appreciated~ Maybe i should just call him everyday for every little thing so he'll know how much work we have~ see how he feels not sleeping well every other day~ or 2 days in a row~ I am not perfect but at least i am safe~


Jarien said...

cheer up .. cheer up .. :)
happy may day!!
hope u'll get an off day .. hehe

saltvinegar said...

hahaha worse thing is i was on call on labour day!! sien~ haha


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