Friday, 17 April 2009

Teluk Batik part 3

Wa lao tak habis-habis my induksi pics~It's been a month already.. it was great fun but i guess the novelty has totally worn of.. what with 2-3weeks of EOD and back to back calls awaiting me.. oh well.. Here is the continuation of my photo blog~

The very cute 'honey money' group~The name sort of came about as a joke but their team logo is really one of the best.. he he second only to 'Docstarz' of course.

Ahem ahem~ our team effort~

Met not only doctors but pharmacists, dentists and counsellors as well~

Ok the lectures were really draggy.. what could have been covered in half an hour was dragged to 2 hours.. so that the lecturers can earn more? Or for our schedule to be more packed?I think probably both~anyhow they were understanding enough to let us do this~

And this~ people were dropping like flies~

Even our 'penghulu' finds it hard to stay awake~

Clever people bring laptops to keep themselves awake~ thank God wifi was available.. i only had JH's I-phone damn~ and had to fight with him to use it some more

The beach looks really amazing in photos~

Little river flowing to the sea~

Our 5-8 breaks were spent on the beach~ the water was really crowded though so none of us went swimming on the beach~Ate lots of ice-cream though.

And yet more ice-cream~

Pretty in pink~ oh yeah all pictures this time courtesy of Mee Mei~


Random cute sand turtle we found on the beach~

OK have to really thank Lai for suggesting and planning the BBQ~ initially me and Jh was like.. damn lazy.. but in the end it was really fun.. My first BBQ on the beach~

Our 2 small pits

Usual BBQ food~which mostly got burnt

You can't tell from this pic but it was really dark~JH had to illuminate with his phone~

Whenever we could we went to pose for pics at the beach~ and even the burger stall..

Posing with the poor horse which was a little mad cos he's tied up all the time~

Better take pics of him/her (din check) from a safe distance~

Our senior Diong!

Had the chance to sample setiawan/Manjungs famour Hokchiew dishes~

Yummy yummy red wine mee suah!I've eaten this before cos i'm Hokchia?

Of course since we were so close to the Pangkor jetty .. went there to jalan-jalan also~

The only pic Jh really seemed to enjoy taking~

Lots of sea and strong wind~

Our last dinner together in a seafood restaurant in Kg Cina~Sashi with his hand in cast cos he fractured his distal end radius ulna while cathing a ball (he was the goalie)in a futsal match.

Wa lao Steven dun get jealous~

So that concludes my induksi pics.. there are some more but too lazy to put up liao~ anyway this is the gist of it.. had a great time enjoying an all expense paid by taxpayers money holiday and had a great time meeting all my old friends and making a couple of new ones too!May we all meet again in BTN~

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