Saturday, 4 April 2009


Supposed to continue my induksi escapades.. but too sien already~ have been working non-stop since i came back~ and the calls seem to have become worse and worse lately.. really bad season or something. So i guess too much work , too little time and too few staff will result in mistakes~ I don't think i did anything wrong la.. in fact was pretty happy that i settled everything during my call and not leave any leftover work for the person on-call the next day~ but it seems i should have over-treat neonates~

OK i noe what to do now~ always over treat especially when your boss is stressed! No need to observe first just aggressively treat~ poor babies~

On-call again tomorrow~ when will this end~


shinchee said...

haha... poor caroline... well pity the babies have to suffer the pain for blood taking la, adjusting CPAP and FiO2 n stuffs... somehow it's wiser to over treat rather than under treat...

i'm now doin EOD calls cos i'll b goin induksi middle this month... dreadful~~~

n somehow someone hacked ur blog n posted up porn web links in the comments session... u better take note...

saltvinegar said...

wa lao din even noe those were posn links.. haha deleted all liao.. i think i must moderate my comments liao.. thnks thnks..

I guess for babies better simply over treat than under treat.

Jia you ur induksi is near~


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