Friday, 27 March 2009

Back from induksi~

I'm back from induksi and am severely missing it~ ahh the clean apartments, the fresh air, the beach which is Teluk Batik, the no responsibility life, the new friends and old friends and even the food ~ i miss being fed 6 times a day~ sort of like 4 hourly feeding.. aaaahhhhh.. i really think this will be one of the most memorable moments of my life.. even though we were forced to sit through lectures and take exams and do group projects and sketches.. it was fun cos everyone participated whole heartedly~ and though the lectures were really a drab they were actually pretty good things to know. I had pre-conceived notions that the lectures were supposed to brain wash you and make you really pro-kerajaan and all but i guess it's not all true.Plus i dunno why but imagined that we would be listening to lectures in a hall on the floor with hundreds of other people sort of like the scene from my secondary school assembly on Monday mornings but it's not like that at all.. it was more like a tuition centre setting and the lecturers were really understanding that sometimes people doze off...

My posts are usually photo based but sad to say i dun have many cos i din bring a camera and most of the pics are in Mee Mei's cam.. i'll try and get the pics but for now you'll have to make do with the pics from Jh's i phone.

Now this is Teluk Batik~ pretty picture eh?
Not a bad place la .. not very clean and not very dirty but certainly very happening. Lots of people who are too lazy to cross over to Pangkor go there as do the millions of people constantly having courses at Teluk Batik Beach Resort~ There are loads of stalls selling souvenirs and such~ i bought a shirt~

And this was my home for 2 weeks~ kinda miss it now~

This is what greeets you from the main door~ a corridor and an enclosed room?

Yup weird sliding doors for the rooms but pretty unique no?

A bar (with no drinks) and the lounge~sparse but comfortable enuf~ cried for joy when i saw the TV 21 inch (dunno what brand.. Merk?) and the 3 astro channels.. AEC (my love), AXN and ESPN. For some strange reason while i was there Liverpool kept trashing the other teams~


What amazed me when i just moved in was how clean the floors were~ squeaky clean not a strand of hair or speck of dust~

My study area~ the balcony~

Love the place so much~ i mean look at the view from there~

i once skipped a lecture or two and i spent it at the balcony admiring the trees, the birds chirping, the lack of people around and the single car on the road~ ahhh i could get used to that. It was only one morning but it was truly wondrous and unforgettable~

Bar kinda place but only hold a sink and cabinets~

to be continued next post~


shinchee said...

i realised that i stayed at the same apartment few years back, while i had a tour to pangkor with my frens... it's the exact same structure man... we used the enclosed room for our mahjong session, haha...

Anonymous said...
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saltvinegar said...

wa.. he he he how u play mah jomg there? Shift the bed out?


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