Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hen Xiang Ni

I think i'll be listening a lot to this song in the weeks to come cos Jh is going for induksi in Teluk Batik, Lumut for 2 weeks~ hai gonna miss him~

But am curious to know how i'll cope without him~

Love this version by Derrick Ho Wei Jien~

Hen xiang ni already~ even tho he's just in the next room~


shinchee said...

so JH got to go induksi already ar? then how bout u? i still havent got mine la... cos limited vacancies, shukri went instead... i need to wait again...
if u sien, come over to ipoh la... got bus n train to come also... or we go matang n eat seafood porridge n then i go find u also can, hehe

saltvinegar said...

I haven got lor

yeah lor~ from our uni mee mei, lavanya and Suha get ler~
JH asking me to try and get in also~
Si i try and call lor~

Ha ha i wanna come Ipoh ler
wanna shop in Jusco haha and of course to see u la and maybe Su wen and Kok lim also.

U say wan ha.. i come u fetch me ha..he he


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