Monday, 2 March 2009


After many many days of shopping abstinence~ 2 weeks i think i have built up on an enormous need to spend money which is exactly what i did last weekend. We were supposed to go to JH's cousins wedding in Malacca but it became an opportunity for yours truly to go on a shopping frenzy.

Went to Midvalley on Friday , i wanted to buy something nice to wear for the tea ceremony and maybe catch a movie. Ha ha as usual can't find any clothes to buy in Midvalley~ but ended up buying lots of cosmetics and all from the same brand.

Actually i already had the intention when i saw the ad on the newspaper.

Purchase 150 ringgit of Majolica Majorca products and get a free umbrella, lip plump gloss, makeover, hair styling and photo shoot. I've never ever gone for any of these promotion makeover and photo shoots so i was extremely tempted as i had wanted to buy some Majolica Majorca products anyway.So i bought these items:

Pressed pore cover at RM 59.90 (NP:69.90).
Product description: Cover those pesky pores with just one application.A soft micro-particle face powder that covers skin's unevenness like pores to create uniformly smooth skin.Controls shine and oiliness.

Only comes in one shade which is rather odd but it complements my skin and makes it slightly fairer since it comes in an extremely light shade only. I wonder how tan people use this?Love the packaging.

Skin Lingerie(OD control) NP Rm 39.90 after 10% discount:Rm35.91
Dunno what OD control means but according to the product description it is a make up base that moisturizes the skin while absorbing excess sebum.It can smooth out unevenness of pores and texture for translucent skin.

Hmmm.. I just started using it but i guess the good thing is its not too sticky, but it doesn't really even out my pores. After putting on my eTude BB cream on it , it looks exactly the same as without the skin lingerie. However i did notice that my skin is less oily at the end of the day and i love the packaging!

Rouge Majex Lipstick(PK313) @ Rm30.51 after 10% discount (Np:Rm 33.90)

Product description: For Bee-stung grown-up lips with 70% moisturizing ingredients.

Hmm.. the sales lady only gave me 3 colours to try ler.. so i didn't know there were actually so many shades!! Hmm for me its just like any other lip gloss.. but i do love the wonderful berry scent.Love the packaging though.

Lash Enamel glamour Neo @ Rm41.31 after 10% discount (NP:Rm 45.90)

Product description:Volume up mascara for glossy and super thick lashes with just one coat.Waterproof type that is sweat,sebum and tear resistant.Comb type brush to easily coat each lash from the roots.

I've actually already tried the Lash gorgeous Wing that has a typical brush type of mascara wand as apposed to the comb type. So the effect is totally different.The lash gorgeous wing gave my eyelashes a feathery effect and lengthens it a little but so you see really numerous skinny eye lashes that are probably not very prominent.

With the lash enamel glamour neo my lashes instantly becomes thicker but still remains as short as it was before~ le sigh it would be excellent for people with long lashes i suppose. So i have resorted to using both the mascaras on me~ ha ha.Its all so confusing when they come up with so many different names for their mascara.

I've read that the lash beautifying mascara frame plus and its supposed to lengthen your lashes by adding fibre to it~ not unlike the Dejavu fibrewig mascara i suppose. Being completely confused i chanced upon these photographic evidence of the difference between both mascaras on RougeDeluxe.

With the thickening mascara

With the lengthening mascara

Hmm... so that's the difference. Ha ha anyway i already have two mascaras so i won't be buying anymore in a long long time~ The mascaras are very waterproof so i had a tough time removing it but the good thing is it won't come off once it's on so no dreaded panda eyes effect which was a problem for me when i used Maybelinne XXL and Sky High Curls mascaras.

Honey Plump Lip Gloss~
Have not used it yet but looks really cute~

Since i had a movie to catch, i opted to do the makeover another day. So came back again on Sunday with Ben~ hehehe can spend more time with my darling brother also~ Jh fetched us and it took him like 10 minutes cos there was no jam thank God~ I was too pai seh to take many pictures but the scene is sort of like this la~ pictures courtesy of tongue in chic~ except this was during the promotion and launch in Sg Wang.

I later found out the promotion in Sg Wang was similar just that it was loads cheaper Rm120 and minus the free lip gloss and nicer backdrop for the pictures! Cheh i just paid 30 bucks for the free?? lip gloss??

So secara kesimpulan these are the products i got from Majolica Majorca.

And this is how i look after the very heavy make up tho you can't see it very well in this picture and by that time i had already rubbed off the eyebrow pencil shadings and blusher and lip gloss.

And this was what i spent one hour on~ stupid photographer kept snapping snapping and teaching me how to pose but couldn't even notice my t-shirt can be seen under the wrap~ when i told him he just kept snapping like dun understand Mandarin like that~ hmm on second thoughts maybe he doesn't understand Mandarin la~ anyway never mind la.This was the only decent picture of me.

Looks like the photo shoot i took with friends in Seremban.

And the funny thing was during the hairstyling there was an Indian lady who came and ask the stylist what she was doing and why she was doing it and is she doing it for everyone~ aiyo~ and then the hair stylist told me it was a very common thing to have Indian ladies (her own words not mine) come and ask thinking the makeover and photo shoot is free!! I mean anyone looking on and seeing all the make up display will know obviously it is not for free and you have to buy some products right?

And she said it was also common for people to come and ask whether they can pay to just have make up or hair done without buying the products~which they cannot do cos they are working for the cosmetics brand and the event for the day. Ha ha why would anyone go shopping and then suddenly want a makeover?? So weird.

So later after my photo shoot i went back to the hair styling area to remove the bobby pins.Damn messy la the way she styled my hair which according to her is cute and she took less than 5 minutes to accomplish.
Well anyway i was removing the bobby pins when a foreigner~ either Northern Indian or Arab came up and asked me and asked,"Where do i buy hair trimmer?"

He then pointed to the curling iron and hair dryer on the vanity table. He must have thought i was the hairstylist or something what with my crazy hair and thick makeup. So i also malas wanna explain to him that the real hairstylist went for a toilet break.

I just told him to go to Jusco and go to the electrical appliance section.

Then he said "But are you sure? I have gone to many places and i still cannot find!"

Finally i just said "I dunno i only came here for a makeover!"

Ha ha ha then he was like kinda shocked and said "Oh sorry sorry."

Ka ka but he was quite persistent la. He later went and asked all the make up artist and sales girls and he eventually got directed back to the hair styling counter again but thankfully by that time the hair stylist was already back and combing my hair so it doesn't look so messy. Between their mangled English she eventually told him to go to Sg Wang to try and look for his hair trimmer. Ha ha so mafan just to buy a hair trimmer! Just go to a barber cheaper and easier lor.

Later on i continued with shopping~ will show you the next post.


runaway midget said...


buy so many things! i tend to be like that as well nowadays but spend more on gadgets. i suppose my gadgets = your comestics and vice versa. :)

i like it! eliminate all the stress and the frustration of abstinence... :P

well done!

saltvinegar said...
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saltvinegar said...

yeah wey~ since i started earning money i've become rather free with my spending~

But somehow i can't seem to splurge money on gadgets though i want to~

Ka ka real stress buster~

shinchee said...

wah... so now u already started to buy those lavish cosmetics issit? hehe... ya, the photo kinda like the photo u took during IMU times la... really doesnt look like u ler, kaka... but u happy then ok lo...

saltvinegar said...

hahaha yeah lor~ Jh ask me take one hour to make up and do hair and take photo also happy?? Ka ka but i very happy wor haha but yeah lor dun look like me.

Eh these not considered lavish ler.. alot of ppl buy more expensive cosmetics hehe

Eh u noe who is runaway midget ma?

shinchee said...

erm... not sure la... mayb u can ask her directly? hehe... cant even read her blog cos it's for invited readers...

saltvinegar said...

oh so rupa-rupanya you dunno hahaha~ its Su Ann ler.. drop her a line and she'll let u read her wonderful blog.


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