Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Missing JB

I just got back to Slim River today and .. so obviously i am so still missing JB after 3 glorious days in my homeland~ why must JB be so different from the other states in Malaysia~ Hai hai hai.. went on a shopping rampage ..spent quite a lot~ haha but very happy.. the rest of the days i was just at home sleeping and recovering from fever, sore throat and generally feeling unwel.. but still able to cook and enjoy the grand finals of project superstar which so happened to have fallen on the Sunday i was back~ Bless the Lord~

Bought a much needed watch..bought the cheapest but nicest..

Its called menthol tone??!!~

Also bought hehe, an anklet, an over sized Hello Kitty face pink bag which i kinda regret cos it was too big to bring so is still in JB, an anklet, my elusive Biomedic contact lenses (God knows why no shops in KL or Slim River or Seri Manjung stock up on them.. and even in JB i had to ask every spectacle shop in City Square), pirated version of 'Perfect cut 2' and cheap Thai pants cos their comfy.Aahh wanted to buy the new i-weekly but looks like it was sold out.. it was for the better too cos i cant read chinese anyway..just wanted to look at pictures.

Oh and i got to go for Qing ming and help pay respect to my darling ancestors.. i love going there and doing all the ritual stuff~ and i met my headmistress in the airport and she asked me to sit next to her on the plane~! I did'nt know we could choose our own seats on Fireflyz~

Was back in KL on Tuesday thank God for Jh's parents for picking me up from the airport or i would have to wander around trying to find my way back to Slim~ and of course enjoyed more KL shopping but for some reason could not find anything to buy..

All in all a very rewarding trip.. love my family~miss my 933~

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