Wednesday, 6 May 2009


With the amount of calls i had last month it's no wonder i had loads of cash to spare and not much time to spend it~so whenever i have the opportunity then its the time to spend spend spend~ phew ~

This is my loot over a month i think~

Bought this MNG sling bag to replace my old really puny sling bag that i use for work cos the old one could not handle all my clutter~


It's black so i wont know when it gets dirty~

Also just discovered why everyone online is raving about Daiso~ though its more expensive here than in Spore RM5 compared to S$2, its still a cheap place to get cute unconventional items.. but i guess a lot of the things are probably not worth RM5. Its just the novelty of the stuff and the urge to spend cos you know you can afford everything there..

Bought an ice cream mould to make icicles (too bad my freezer is not cold enough to freeze anything-buy ice cream also can melt) and a soft (not so soft) roller to massage myself/improve circulation/burn fats(no scientific proof).

Daiso sukides~

On a separate Daiso trip at the Curve~ bought a Bento box (double tiered and comes with a bento binder-sort of like a book binder..) awesome stackable eye shadow tips, aroma thing in a bottle and just to round up the number a so far useless storage box.

The eye shadow tips are awesome~ no more using the same tips for different colours but one grouse is its not as smooth to cap and recap as it looks~ anyways Xiaxue loves it and it wasn't hard to find either. Totally could not find it at the Malacca Daiso.

The loot all together~

Ka ka all bought in weekend~

And i've acumulated some gifts too~ so happy~

Birthday gift from Yung Yung~ for my skin to withstand the lack of sleep and excess of stress

From my brothers~ cos they know i love all things pink~

Awesome Thai alphabet T-shirt from JH's mom~very unique

Cute elephant pouch (which i keep all my loose change) and key chain~

Material things do so make me happy~ But nothing beats family and friends and boyfriend of course~

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