Friday, 15 May 2009

Wisdom tooth~

My tooth is finally out woots woots after a few unfortunate delays~ Painless procedure but of course all that tugging was scarey.. din enjoy the feeling of my mouth being torn sideways~ Luckily the dentist was really nice and experienced.. so almost painless and took around 30 mins. The pain only starts after an hour.. which is now.. took ponstan already but am getting JH to bring me celebrax and cloxa and papase~

There are perks of being a doctor.. faster in getting my medicine and my appointment is tru sms with the dentist~

Hopefully not so painful tomorrow~


shinchee said...

haha... my wisdom tooth is slowing growing and saying hi to me... so far just some discomfort, no pain yet... hopefully it wont jut out...

oh i'll be seeing u guys on kelvin's wedding night, n spending a nite at jin hui's house... will be glad to have a chat dat night... c ya!

saltvinegar said...

is it? ur staying at Jh's house? Yeah!! Muahahaha can gossip banyak banyak with u!!


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