Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Singapore trip

After a much needed break in JB (aaahh.. love my home)i had a hard time getting used to the term 'work'. Luckily i went for a mobile blood bank drive today which did not require using as much brain cells as usual.Its a welcoming break but if i had to do this everyday my brain would surely atrophy. After coming back from the mobile blood drive however i suffered left eye conjunctivitis, sinusitis and exacerbation of my 3 ugly pimples! Ugh.. thank God its much better now..

My shoulders however are sore from editing these pics.. the things i do to keep my blog updated.. tsk tsk.. So enjoy the pics i took in Singapore.. part as an accompany Tian Ling trip and for most parts a much needed shop in Singapore and travel abroad without a gazillion hours long haul flight (so near its 15 mins by foot if we were allowed to walk on the causeway) trip.

As usual impeccable public transportation system and no matter how many times i go it never ceases to amaze me how very much considerate buses are over there.

Special areas for special people.

Not loving the new no-eating-allowed-or-we'll-fine- the- a**-out-of-you-as-usual rule. I heard that someone was fined for sucking a sweet on the MRT.. But don't quote me. i don't know how true the rumour is.

On the bus on the way to her new pad.

Whats not to love about this cozy piece of serene prime property?

Bright and sunny outside.

At a sushi place similar to Marche where you eat first after picking out food from a few stalls and they charge everything into a debit card.. and you pay later.

Forgot to take pictures of the food but fell in love with Sakura Denbu.

The treats on Daniel yeah!!

Daniel and his lovely colleagues Nicole and Joanna~

Who made sure we shopped at the right place.. and boy were they right.Fareastplaza rocks.

Now i know where to find nice,cheap, good quality clothes, bags,accessories and all thing a girl needs. the interior looks really shabby compared to her more glamorous counterparts on Orchard Road but seriously if you can only go to one shopping centre in Orchard (and you're not the rich tai tai type) just go there la.The shops are quirky and cute!

Ok this is damn geeky but i'm at the medical faculty opposite SGH and next to the MOH.

Clarke Quay while waiting for TL to finalize her employment.

Not as nice as i envisioned it to be but maybe cos its still light.

At the customs, as expected there was a heavy load of human traffic especially since it was a Friday. I was mentally prepared to face all obstacles (run, jump, push) but really it was all very civilized. Que cutting ,jostling etc was at a minimal for us public bus passengers (no comment on those who sit the bas kilang's). But it really takes a lot of patience and civility especially after a hard long day at work.I have new found respect for my bro and everyone who works in Singapore. They're a bunch of really hardworking people.

10% of the que.

I only ever really walk when i'm in Singapore. And this is especially so when i was with Tian Ling.. OMG the amount of time we were walking coupled with the sunny weather was a recipe for 3 giant ugly red pimples the very next day!

Tiring but loved it!Gave me a new perspective of life.

After a wonderful restful/playful holidays its back to KL again~

Blanket of clouds on a Sunday morning.

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