Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fann and Chris's wedding photos

I think all the 8 Days are already sold out by now cos the cover personalities are none other than the super couple of Caldecott Hill Fann Wong and Christopher Lee! Really was not such a big fan of them before cos i grew up supporting Zoe Tay. However after watching the build up to their wedding, i realized how cute and endearing they are as a couple!! So as usual got caught up in the frenzy of the wedding of the year.. i even bought I-weekly just to look at the pictures even though i cant read Chinese!

For the benefit of people who can't buy 8-days these are the lovely wedding pics they took in Maldives as published on 8 Days! Not all but some of the nicest ones!

Atypical gem studded wedding gown.

The shawl over her dress she used as the veil.. oh and guess the cost of the outfit..S$300,000!

Love this shot..

loved all the arty posed shots but my faves are still the candid shots!

Damn farnee..

Gotta love those straw hats and the fact she looks so relaxed here..

How come even their backs look good?

Photogenic people just can't seem to look bad..

The live telecast of the wedding is over.. and typically i missed it .. by just one day la.. Hopefully someone uploaded it on Youtube.. Truly a joyous union for a couple who've been together longer than most married couples!

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