Monday, 12 October 2009

Skinfood fruit brunch lip box review

Yum yum.. i had been searching high and low for a lip palette box and there seems to be a dearth for it in the market. Until i spied this skinfood one in Cleo magazine this month! There are 3 fruit brunch box available at skinfood 1: Strawberry 2.Tomato 3.Cafe cinnamon and each of these boxes contain 2 lip colour and one lip gloss! Perfect for mixing and blending till you find the right shade.


As expected the strawberry box has a more pink/red tone (did not buy this but saw the samples in the shop) A bit more pink in reality than in the picture.

2. Tomato (Bought this)

This was recommended by the sales lady cos its more interesting than pink.Honestly the picture on the web does not do it justice cos save for the middle colour, the other lip colour is more of a nice coral while the gloss is definitely not so orange. All in all very blendable to get natural looking pink with a tinge of coral lip colour. Regarding the scent, please do not expect any tomato scent as very typical of skinfood. Rather the lip palletes were rather scentless. Staying power however is not that great. I find myself having to touch up every 1-2 hours. Packaging however is superb. Love the tin box, vintage detailing and cute mirror! Bought it for 35+ ( dun remember exactly) for a box.

3.Cafe cinnamon

When i saw the cover i assumed it would be called coffee cos of the coffee beans on the box. But ha ha wats cafe cinnamon?? Anyway the colours look nice and nude and probably look nice blended with a rosy shade. I'm assuming of coursed cos i only purchased the tomato one.

Is the fruits box a good buy?

Definitely! I love customizing the colours too suit my need!


西游记 said...

halo may i knw hw much is the price?im from malaysia

saltvinegar said...

Hi, I bought it a while ago so I can't remember the exact price but I think it was rm49.90


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