Monday, 26 October 2009

Sardin currypuff

I love sardin currypuff! Everytime i go back to JB i will crave and request for sardin currypuff. However supply seems to be low and i am finding it increasingly hard to find sardin currypuff just the way i like it. Crispy pastry with a buttery hint, lotsa soft onion and chilly with just enough sardin in it that i taste it but not too much that i have to chew on it.

Does that make sense? You've gotta taste it to know it i guess.

Yum yum yum and i've been here for nearly a year and only now do i realize the lovely currypuff i've been craving for is available in Slim River!! Under my very nose. Freshly produced every Mondays only (and Wednesday if we shamelessly  beg request.) I can't get enough of it!! Ugh and the canteen operators contract seem to be expiring soon!! Ugh why did i not discover this sooner?? I am so gonna gorge myself with the stuff!

Ok signing off with my latest camwhore pic! Please give me more currypuff!

Please.. Miss Ain from the canteen.. ^-^

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