Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Buy buy..

Am feeling a bit under the weather lately perhaps due to the jet lag and shopping?? Anyway had a bit of sore throat and rhinitis,barely febrile but went ahead and did my call anyway.. Post call is the best thing ever invented i tell you. The feeling of knocking off work at 12pm after a call is heavenly and a load of stress of my shoulders. Ha ha ha so slept the whole working hours time till 5pm and have been drinking loads of barley water after that. Hmmm.. it soothes the throat temporarily la.

Ha ha JH did something i never expected him to do! Haha we were puzzled as to why there was a stench in our humble bathroom ever since we came back from our hols. I assumed and attributed it to maybe stale water so i just sort of rinsed the bathroom floor with water. However the smell persisted. For me it wasn't that bad just a slight musty odour and i wasn't at home yesterday either so i assumed the smell will disappear after a while.

Did not discuss this with JH at all until he asked me  tonight whether i noticed the smell. I said 'yes' and he expressed that it smelt like something died and it was so pungent he avoided going to the bathroom for two days!! Wa.. it didn't smell that bad to me!He described the smell as a diabetic foot. wahaha and came to a conclusion a rat might have died in there.

I was clearly skeptical as believe you me i have smelt the pong of rotting dead rats  before and its not pretty!! I would know right if i smelt it again?? I insisted it was probably from the sewerage or water pipes draining our toilet. So i tried flushing our water drainage area (dunno the exact word for it- lets just say its the whole on the floor of your bathroom where the water drains out) but to no avail. The smell persists!

So we were scouring our bathroom.. and believe me it is a rather small one and as i was looking through our array of shampoo and shower gel bottles i spotted the source of the smell.

On my recently used and left to dry mop, was a dead ROTTING lizard!!!

OMG it was so near to my face i could feel the putrid odour wafting up my nostrils. Ugh ..

I seldom get all bimbotic when i see insects or lizards or snakes or dogs or whatever.. but this i could not stand!!

I immediately ran and hid behind JH and pointed to the mop.. Ka ka.. then i walked out of the bathroom and continued surfing the net.

My darling JH got rid of the dead fungating lizard with maggots and all by flushing it down the toilet! Woo hoo.. my hero.. i'm so amazed that he did that cos he's afraid of insects (so cute i noe) and i'd be the pest buster(Cos i have no fear of them thanks to my primary school grasshopper catching days).

But when it mattered the most JH stepped up and removed the fouls offending object.Woo hoo yeah!

Anyway have some pics to share.

After coming back from JB went to Ikea with darling Ben! And since he had not had lunch we went for a bite at Ikea. Love the cafeteria style of serving and buying food.

Ben had 2 helpings..And um me too even though i tae duck rice for lunch *sheepish*.

Imagine my surprise when my Pepsi twist came out of the machine like this....

Looks like tea, smells like a fizzy drink but tastes like water! Everyone was tasting and giving weird stares to their drink.. i was observing everyone. Damn funny. But the problem was rectified pretty fast la so 10 minutes later my refilled drink loks like this.

See the difference?

Ben polishing off his second dish (cold smoked salmon)


There were auditions at Cineleisure Damansara for a new singing contest called 'Mystarz LG' and some of the contestants were pretty good!Never go off pitch also. I tell you i seriously think Malay people are born with better singing pipes.Thats why 'Singapore Idol' has always been won by Malays and our Malaysian Idol winner the very Chinese Daniel's singing really sucks big time. OMG really memalufying how he sang as a PK challenger at 'One Million Star'. So embarassed to even post the video.

There were so many people we had to view the stage like that.

A pic of the sushi making stuff bought in Cold storage.

 Haha i finally figured out what that pink thing sprinkled on Japanese rice are. Its called Sakura Denbu and its made of codfish,sugar and salt. Really amazing how the Japanese can incorporate seafood in everything they eat?Love it cos its pink and sweet. So decorative it can make plain rice look good.

Sakura denbu.

Sushi mix..i wonder if i should have just bought sushi vinegar.

 JH  surveying my buys~

 We bought 3 Archie comics for 27 bucks. Ben paid muahaha~

My new bag.. bought it from Singapore.Cos i saw so many people in JB with these double handled convertible bags!


I also blame Vanessa Hudgens for parading this lovely Miu Miu bag.

In Singapore, was as always on the lookout for things to buy which I cant get in Malaysia.

And for some reason this is not sold here! Calbee Jagabee chips!! Really addictive!

And this Biore' cleansing oil! Hmm it's been ages and still has not reach our shores. Its supposed to be a really good makeup remover that does not emulsify on contact with water. But i realized it can't replace my ZA cleansing oil la.

But love it for its fruity apple scent.
Happy day bargain hunting in Singapore.Yes you can actually buy cheap stuff in Singapore..

Sore throat please go away~

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