Monday, 19 October 2009

Sleepy ~

I've been busy making sushi, not sleeping and learning how to use photoshop.
While i still have not learned the art of airbrushing skin/sharpen features/change my face shape/enlarge my eyes i have however been playing with colour.

Am too tired to even keep my eyes open now. So just have a look at my pictures la. Cos they speak a thousand million words? Ha ha warning : severely amateurish photoshop skills.

When i showed JH this he could not even see where photoshop was applied!Wasted one hour of my life.. haha and i missed out the right side of my picture oops..Its obvious right?

Dun tell me it looks better before photoshop ok? Ha ha cos it kinda does..  but at least my feet and jeans are not as prominent in the photoshopped picture .. haha.
I think i really have to show before and after pics la or else really cant see the difference?

Can see a lot of difference yeah?Dunno why i chose such a cacated picture anyway.

Yawns.. night night..

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