Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Boxing day!

Hi peeps happy to be back in JB and spending Christmas at home! With my whole family! I don't know when was the last time all 5 of us were at home at the same time!! And to make it even merrier my bro's GF is also here making it a happy six- tet! The computer at home is a bit slow so can't uplaod the millions of pics i've been taking so lets just make do with 2..

Our Christmas three!!

And finally got my hands on the Samantha Tiara multicase.. rather under-whelming now that I've got it but it's still gorgeous and the Rilak Kumma calender is the best 'free' calender I've seen!

Loving it back home and eating lots of familiar favourties, devouring six issues of 8 Days and trawling the shopping centres of JB and needless to say doing lots of shopping!

But of course the best thing is being with family!

Happy Boxing Day!

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