Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Motion sickness

It's been ages since i accompanied a patient out cos basically i've been lucky and anyway i've got a pediatric specialist. However i was to help the surgical department to accompany an MVA case today , a 5 year old kid.Intubated with otherwise stable vital signs.

Groan i hate sitting the ambulance but at that point me and my MA Shukri were just focused on the patient. I usually can't even read in the car as a get dizzy, but i had to monitor the  vital signs and bag the kid for a one hour journey to Ipoh from Slim River. So it comes to no surprise that i felt so nauseous when i reach Ipoh hospital that i vomited, which is a first for me. I  usually just feel like retching after a bumpy ride.

Child was to be pushed in for urgent craniectomy as there was a subdural haemorrhage with cerebral oedema.

Left at 4pm and reached back at 9pm. Thankfully the journey home was fine.

Remember guys buckle up at the back.

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