Sunday, 27 December 2009

Steady Jan 2010

Sorry i keep going on and on about this but i am seriously chuffed at finally getting my hands on the mag and of course gift with purchase after one month of anticipation. If you've been reading this post, apparently Daniel got a call from the Takashimaya branch after my call. So i didn't have to make any reservations at KLCC Kinokinuya after all.

The prize.

The magazine and gifts are air flown from Japan and i loved how everything was pakaged with utmost care to prevent any defects on the products.Daniel brought it all the way back from Singapore and there was nary a dent on the mag let alone the cute calender. And mind you he has to fight the going back home to JB crowd!

Best calender ever.

Lovely prints for each month of the year.

Seriously the calender is of really good quality but the multicase is on;y so-so. I mean its cute but there us only so much you can put into it. Plus it looks like it can get dirty real easy. I love it all the same but i guess i won't go through the hassle of buying anymore mags just for the free gift (unless its really great stuff).

Christmas was really great and am savouring all the wonderful memories (and presents)!

And loved all the pre-christmas shopping as well as the joy of those receiving a gift they actually like!

And look what i bought pre- christmas!

More on this stash later!Time to sleep good night!

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