Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Joy's wedding

This truly is the wedding season as evident by the free flow of invitation cards. I am glad to say i really made a huge effort to be part of this wedding despite the many obstacles along the way.How could i pass up re-uniting with the family i see once every few years?

We missed the solemnization ceremony but was in time for the wedding dinner itself.

And i was greeted by these lovely two.

They wore matching black and white dresses!

Somehow most of our photos came out blurry. Someone must have been playing with my camera.

Waiting to go into the hall, we took the time to camwhore.


We had so many adventures as kids~

See what i mean. If its still the pic turns out fine but once there is movement everything turns blurry. I think its got something to do with the shutter speed. Shall read manual. So ended up with a double image  of everything which can be kinda cute though.

This wedding had the most speeches ever.

Forever young couple~

Justin and Jane looking cute together.


Good-looking cousins.

Another wedding over and more to come~

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