Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Am so tired. Post call and straight away to Sg Buloh for a course on Monday and Tuesday. Luckily i had hospital transport and Jh's parents transport not to mention a warm bed to sleep on cos that very postcalll night i had the worse abdominal cramps(due to that time of the month) ever. I could not sleep till 2 am and kept going to the toilet as it relieved the pain somewhat.I refrained from taking medication.Endure if you can is my motto and finally managed to fall asleep in a fetal position.I wished i had my heat pad.

Today was much better and bearable.But i'm really sleepy and crampy. Can't wait to be my normal self again.

Just to end off with a nice picture so you don't leave this blog picturing me in pain.

Yummy macaroni and cheese baked in crab shell from pasta zanmai again.

Salmon sashimi pasta.

Time to sleep ..zzz...

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