Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Pre-christmas spending

I really should be updating my CPD log book and pass it up ASAP but i'm just so lazy and i do have all of 2 days to do it.. muahaha so i'd rather update my blog first.Ha ha pay increment vs blog and blog wins? Wa ha ha.

Anyway don't you feel you tend to spend more during the Christmas season? It's the Christmas songs and the excuse that you need to buy presents for people cos it's Christmas but you somehow spend more on yourself?I seem to get that a lot. It doesn't help that the big Sale is going on and everything shop is trying to clear stock for the new year and everything is packaged into pretty gift sets with more value for money.

Say for example this lovely L'occitane Discovery set. 

I would never have bought their products under normal circumstances since it's so damn expensive.. but the lure of their packaging and strong long lasting aromatherapy scents got the better of me and i bought this set for RM 159. And according to the brochure it's is worth RM 254! Score!!Of course it mainly contains shower gels and what not , the star products being the famous hand cream and precious cream.

Bottom lash.

I don't know why i bought it since i don't even wear top-lashes ( is there such a word? You get my drift). I guess too much surfing bimbo blogs wahaha. This costs me around RM18.

Daiso buys!

Love the blue pom pom scrunchy and pick facial cotton ( its a bit too rough though) and some Japanese ice desert that costs more at Shijikuya. So bang for my buck yeah. Just realised there is a Daiso in JB! Yeah! But not at the malls near my house

The rest of my haul is from Ikea!

So semangat bought wrapping paper and ribbons to pretty-fy my presents. End up only wrapped 3 presents cos i figured no point wrapping presents i'm bringing back to JB cos it will get all crumpled and crushed in the plane cargo anyway.

Love the paper bag.Very Little Prince inspired.

My wrapping attempt. I made my own paper bags whee..

Love the festive season! And we have New Years and Chinese New Year to look forward to!! Yeah!

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