Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ing Wui's wedding

As a first year student in uni, my enrollment in IMU was rather last minute with no proper preparations whatsoever. I had only but one friend there, no books, no real understanding of the life i would be leading over there away from the comforts of home and the familiarity of JB.

My dad took me on a bus from JB and we reached Bukit Jalil, me with 2 luggage and him with only a back pack. He made sure i was safely at the apartment before taking a bus back to JB on the day itself.

I was told i had to move out soon though. Within a day or two if possible.

I had no other friends and no place to stay.

Desperate, i went to the student affairs office and got the contact number of two girls who were looking for housemates.

After the calls though , i realized they did not have a place to stay yet either and were bunking with their relatives.

However the next day i got a call saying they were going to view a place and whether i wanted to go along?

I knew absolutely nothing about them. For all i know they could be really evil people. But beggars can't be choosers.

And anyway they look like really nice people. Just have to trust my gut feeling.

As luck would have it, the unit they saw was a nice place in block c, fully furnished with unlimited use of the TV. The hitch was, only one room- master bedroom was available.

Since the two girls had an agreement even before i met them, they decided to share the master bedroom.

'Great...' i thought 'homeless again..'

But never underestimate the kindness of human beings..

Mind you they have no idea who i was save for my name. Yet they kindly offered to let me stay in their master bedroom (which wasn't all that big) indefinitely until i found a place to stay!

I was elated and promptly thanked my lucky stars!

I ended up staying for one month and they refused any monetary compensation for the inconvenience either.

Hai~ i've been blessed to have met so many kind people in my life.And these particular good samaritans are Ing Wui and Su Wen.

Hai and once again felt blessed to be able to meet up again with Ing Wui on her wedding day!

It's great to be surrounded by nice people!

May you have a wonderfully happy marriage to your prince charming!

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