Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ray Malaysia September 2011 with dejavu fine eye liner

I hope you have not bought Ray Malaysia. That's because after buying my copy from Kinokinuya, i found that at Mynews.com (the shop) was selling the magazine with a free gift included, a tiny dejavu eye liner.

So if you are buying this magazine, which by the way costs RM9, buy it at Mynews.com.

Anyhow as you know, i'm totally estatic that they've decided to translate a Japanese fashion magazine into English. Now i can read and understand the step by step make-up and hairstyle instructions!Plus it is a traslation of the latest edition of Ray! I'm possibly buying this magazine every month from now!I've alway searched high and low for a local magazine i can actually read regularly, but all the Cleo's and Female magazines just did not cut it. I had to depend on my mom to send me 8 Day's from Singapore.

So, i'm glad to say I have finally found a worthy mag to buy.

Here are the reason's why.

1) Introduction of the latest bags. I had no idea LV just updated their collection with some youngish looking bags.

An update of the Speedy! It's called Speedy Bandouliere and can be worn as a slingbag, or hand carry.

The Damier Azur Evora, looks really functional,flexible and cute!

Some other products in the new line. I'd seriously balk if i see a houseman using an LV sling bag to work. Already there are many using 'Coach-es'.

2) There are at least 3 sets of these fashion how-to segments in the magazine. Basically they take a few key items and teach you how to style it so you can have a different look everyday for a month. Seriously love these. I actually took pictures of one whole segment to illustrate the point. Hope you guys love it. And i hope Ray does not sue me, after all i'm promoting for them voluntarily since i love the mag so much.

3) Make-up guide!

4) Hair style ideas and step by step instructions.

5) Diet and exercise regimes!

But be warned, some of the pictures and captions are exceptionally cruel to the normal sized girl.
Note the caption i highlighted in pink!

'What's inside? So plump.'!

I wanted to laugh out loud while i was reading that!The girl looks like a model to me! Try not to feel intimidated by abnormal body ideals the magazine has. Also ignore the occasional typos and grammatical errors.They tend to mix up the past and present tenses as well as commit occasional but fundamental grammatical errors as apparent by the picture above.Both the captions in pink would have made their primary school teachers blush. It's probably not easy translating Japanese into English.

6) Simple exercise regimes to tone my incresingly flabby parts. Some of the instructions are a bit difficult to understand though.

All in all a great magazine buy!


Wileen said...

I am so buying this when I next visit Malaysia! Haha! 8 Days is quite blah actually :p I haven't been reading that for many years now :)

saltvinegar said...

Girl, you don't have to! They're going to launch this in Singapore soon apparently.
Ha ha, 8 Days is like a weekly staple for my family. We have bought it every week, except for the issues banned in Malaysia, from the very first issue!

Wileen said...

that's cool!!! going to look out for that! they have the chinese translated ones here but reading chinese gives me a headache :p which issues of 8 Days were banned in Malaysia?? why were they banned?!!!

saltvinegar said...

At least you can read Chinese! I've always looked at my friends reading the Chinese ones in envy!

Remember the swimsuit issues? They were all banned! I think 8 days sometimes resort to alternative covers for Malaysian distribution if the cover is too racy.But obviously, how can they come up with any alternative to a swimsuit issue?

The person who does the censoring over here is really too conservative! Plus sometimes they cover cleavages on 8 days with a black marker! And 8 days is supposed to be a family magazine!Lol.

Foxy Frangipani said...

Hello there
I'm so glad Ray is finally translated into English. I cant for the life of me, read Chinese :)
Thank you for sharing this news.


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