Monday, 29 August 2011

BookFest Malaysia 2011

Have you been to the Book Fest at the KL Convention Centre at KLCC? I've never been to the previous bookfests and had no idea what it was about. I just happened to be in KLCC at the time and saw throngs of people walking around with Popular plastic bag/recyclable bags.

Since we were bored with walking around KLCC we went to have a look. Just in case you don't know, the convention centre is a short walk away from KLCC.Walk out to the fountain park and walk to a very visible building on your right.

Anyhow, there were loads of people there.To get in, you'd have to pay RM2.50 per person for a day pass or RM10 for a season pass. So anyhow, the hubby was like, 'Crazy, have to pay money to get in?'

Anyhow i'm glad i went ahead and got the tickets anyway cos the range of books and savings rendered far surpassed the entry fee!

I managed to only take a few pictures to illustrate what i meant.

Cecilia Ahern's hardcover book going for less than her paperbacks! Note the before and after price.

I bought a Da Vincci Code board game for my brother since it's his birthday, and the savings were too good to resist!

I think he believed it costs RM99.50. Muahaha..

Hubby was actually pretty excited about spotting this!

A box set of all the 'Cerita Panjang Doraemon' and Doraemon comic series, each going for RM150.

I on the other hand sort of hyperventilated when i saw that they were selling local magazines with exclusive freebies to the first few buyers at the bookfest. It was a bookfest exclusive and i wanted it! Even though i had no idea what it was!

Harper's Bazaar was giving away Guerlain sample sets for the frist 100 readers that bought the magazine at the bookfest while Cleo had what looked like full sized bottle of Nivea lotions for the first 200 readers. Woman's weekly was giving away something too but i was too distracted by the Harper's Bazaar giveaway to notice.

I went to the bookfest on the very first day,but it already 4pm when i reached the bookfest, so i wasn't betting that i would be the first 100 purchaser of the magazine but, what do you know, i was! I was pretty chuffed, until i saw how tiny the samples were. Oh, well.

Being so 'high' from shopping for books at Hall 4 and 5 (where the English books were), i failed to realise at the same time i was there, one of my favourite actresses Lee SinJe was in the next hall signing autographs for her book! Argh.. i word of advise then, read the booklets they pass you, as there are vital informations on the savings of the day and schedules of celebrity authors.

And that is why some people buy season passes, since there are different speakers and offers on different days. But at this point you shouldn't bother since the biggest celebrities (Lee SinJe and Dr M) have already made their appearences last weekend.

The fair runs from 27th August 2011 to 4th September 2011.

Me and hubby bought 7 books, a magazine and a board game in total.

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