Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mooks and mags

It seems like the mooks and mags movement is getting really sombre with the on-going nuclear disaster happening in Japan.If i'm the manufacturer i wouldn't have much mood in producing all things kawaii either.

Here's a general overview of mags in store and coming soon.

Mooks galore starting of with a Gelato Pique tote. Once again nice print, one inner pocket but no zip or button closure. Dimensions on the picture.

Tommy mooks comes with a surprisingly well made tote lined with blue stripped material and has  an extra card case which is detachable. 

The latest Armani Exchange mook comes with a black tote made of PVC like material and a detachable coin case. Like the Furla mook gift , it looks horrible crumpled.

Mina April issue comes with a Coach stationary set of a tin case, stickers, notepad and sticky note all sporting coach logos. Kinokinuya brings in very few of these and many people have called beforehand to reserve the magazine. It's probably already sold out by now  so if you're thinking of getting this you might want to call to enquire first.

May issue of Sweet comes with a Mercury Duo zip closure polka dot bag.

While the current issue of Sweet in stores now comes with a sweet pink Cher tote which measures 26cm x 38cm x 13.5cm and is made of canvas.

The May issue of Glow comes with a two way tote from iittala. The cool thing about this is that tyou can button up the base of the bag to create a cool new shape. The bad thing is the pattern is very minimalistic.

The latest issue of  In Red comes with a canvas beach bag with rope straps.

 The May issue of Liniere comes with a Lourmarin canvas bag.

And this is think is the one thing that is worth considering of all the other magazine freebies- Spring June 2011 comes with a Gelato Pique tote and detachable pouch.Material looks water resistant and prints are super cute!

The May issue of Mini comes with a Lowry's farm drum bag.

Steady May issue comes with  rather ugly checked prints tote. Next!

Bape Kids mook with a kiddy looking bag and pouch.

While the 'A bathing Ape' mook comes with a picnic bag and mat in the same material.

This looks promisisng. Two Head Porter Plus pouches in giraffe print. Totally cute.

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