Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Uniqlo x Franche lippee and Cath Kidston

In Japan there is a charity drive by Uniqlo and Cath Kidston in aid of Japan and it is near the end of the charity drive where they release collaboration uniqlo tees in batches. They are up to the third and last batch already with many of the tees in the first and second batch being sold out.

Cath Kidston prints are gorgeous and here's sharing with you some of the tees from the third batch.

In Malaysia we don't have the Cath Kidston line going as it is a Japan exclusive for now.But what we do have is the Uniqlo x Franche Lipee line which is whimsical and quirky and perhaps under appreciated? The line had been out for ages now but there is still loads of stock available in stores. So i guess its a good time for me to create some brand awareness.

Franche Lippee is a Japanese apparel brand . The french name means 'Truly special treats made with love'. The brand focuses on detail, fun and patterns featuring animals and nature motifs.A quick check on its official website here , shows many of the same whimsical pattern and hues albeit with a much dearer price tag. So this uniqlo collaboration is a much affordable way to add some whimsy to your life.

Here's the line available in Uniqlo (in abundance i might add in the KL store).

There seems to be 3 disticnct cutting for the tops. The normal lenght tee with puffed sleeves, longer tee with 3 quarter sleeves and the super long tee (which looks like a dress on me) with puffed or 3 quarters sleeves.

Some of the patterns are seriously bright while some are in muted hues. I loved the patterns but wearing it out depending on the situation and type of company you might risk looking like you are wearing your pajamas.

My husband does not seem to think so, so for now i am wearing it out regardless.The reason being its so super comfortable! I can't be bothered if some people have no eye for fashion.

I bought the top in the last row at the far right.

If you're interested here's uniqlo's Malaysian site and this is the Japanese site.


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing! Btw, Cath Kidston's line is available in Uniqlo now. I'm not sure since when, but some designs are sold out pretty fast, can't get my size for one of the design. I just bought 3 pieces, very cute and comfy tees indeed! :)

saltvinegar said...

Ur welcome!Ooh cant wait to go uniqlo and check out the cath kidston pieces!

Lynn said...

Hi. i was looking for some Cath Kidston products when i came across your web. Do u think they still sell Cath Kidston shirts in uniqlo,Fahrenheit? i havent seen any so far so i was wondering if they still have. do they?

saltvinegar said...

Hi Lynn, i think most of the Uniqlo shops are fully sold out by now. I did see a few odd Cath Kidston pieces about 3 mnths ago, but they were in odd sizes at Farenheight. KLCC is sold out. One U wont have the collection.Perhaps you could try online stores?Or else make do with the Hello Kitty collection?


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