Sunday, 9 December 2007

Wedding no 3

Another wedding i had to spend a combined traveling time to and fro of 14 hours just to attend. But i guess weddings are a joyous time meant to share with family so wort it la i guess. Some more this wedding took a long time in making~ In fact some had already given up hope of my cousin of ever finding a Mr right to marry. Kaka i guess she proved all those naysayers wrong~ The 'kang teh' in the morning was pretty fun thanks to the little nieces and nephews running around laughing and shouting, injecting to mush life to the event. Kids are amazing. They can be so happy just having other kids around.

As you can see, i became the tea girl again.. kaka which earned me an extra ang pow.

The tea serving ceremory from the rear view. The mother (cant miss her i guess) is actually quite happy la. Dunno why the camera captured her tht way.

My dad enjoying the tea.I suspect my mom must have deleted her pic cos i cant find it.

My bros my cousin and her son~

The happy couple with their nieces. These two rascals disrupted the tea ceremony for a mo when they wouldn't let go of their uncle to be punya hands~ and started dancing with him.

Little Zi Yi~ refer to my previous post on her bday celebreation and see for urself how she's grown!Looks like a cabbage patch kid.

Ben's fave photo~hehe

And before we knew it, it was time for the wedding dinner itself. Due to the horrifying singing of one Madam Tan~ Singing 3 songs continuously out of tune, my Karaoke champion uncle had to go on stage and sing to break Madam Tan's stranglehold of the mike. And he kind of good in a 60's kind of way.

My uncle showing off his singing chops.

Do you noe the bride and bridegroom actually have to pay an extra 300 bucks for the karaoke thing which probably no one appreciates cos it gives a chance for aunties like madam Tan to torture us. Might as well just put on channel 8 so i can watch my Star Awards. Imagine la i traveled back to JB and i caught only all of 10 mins of this once in 25 yrs event. Geramnya~

The little boy without the specs.. terror of the year. Keep hitting my head from the tea ceremony till the wedding dinner.Cannot tahan hit him and scolded him back but he still continued ler. ugh some more can call me xiao mei mei~~ and he's only std 1~~ slap him only he noe.

hehe back to Ipoh tomorrow.

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