Thursday, 6 December 2007


OMG.. am so glad i went to watch this show despite JH punya unwillingness and public show of disgust at me even suggesting such a show after the horrible mistake tht was 'Mr Magorium's wonder Emporium'. Though the genre might be the same these shows are as diff as night and day.

Luckily i had Kit , Steven and Hanisah who were keen to watch as well~

This is the Disney movie tht pokes fun of its Princess genre movies but ends up reminding me why i so love Disney and its 2D glory days~ The 2D animations took me back to Ariel days~ it was refreshing also thanks perhaps to the shortness of the 2D part.

And Amy Adams was definitely a good pick as the lead~ ugh she sang her own songs and so did James Marsden her prince charming. And Susan Sarandon as the evil stepmother? I couldn't even recognize her.

They broke into song in the weirdest places with animation being trans located right into reality. Yet the song and dance don't feel forced~ in fact there was a really good flow to it

And i'm like humming 'true loves kiss' non-stop now~How can these 2 good looking actors have such great Disney voices as well?

Okie do watch it even it is for Dr Mcdreamy himself , Patrick Dempsey.


Curtain clothes ala 'The sound of music'

For those of u who saw it did u realize there were a few Disney princess cameos in it? The voice of Belle (Paige O'Hara) acted as Angela the lady in the soap opera. Judy Kuhn the singing voice of Pocahontas was the pregnant lady with kids. And could u believe tht the lady who played the secretary was Jodi Benson aka the voice of the little mermaid Ariel? And to top it all off the narrator was Julie Andrews.

Now if thts not reason enough to watch it i don't know what is.

A million stars.


shirlyn said...

i can't wait to watch it after i've watched the trailer...weeEEee~~

but it will only be shown in glasgow on the 14th....always later than msia!! hmph!

saltvinegar said...

aiks why like tht wan~
kaka~ i think after u watch it will miss aun more ler

shirlyn said...

huh y leh?? the story line will make me miss him?? sob..then i duwan to watch adi....missing some1 is very torturing la...

haha..jjk la...will still watch it!! i dun get to watch many movies here bcuz the tic is like rm30!! so to make it worth it, i mus choose a good movie to watch..n i supposed enchanted is not a bad choice!

saltvinegar said...

no la cos romantic movie ma.. sure think of ur loved one de.

kaka sure worth watching or else i reimburse ur $$$


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