Sunday, 25 November 2007

Wai Peng's wedding!

Finally a leave from the work in surgery~ muahaha took the 10.45 pm bus back to JB. Through the many experiences of taking night buses i was well prepared tackle the bitter cold of the bus. To ensure a fairly good nights rest~
1. Get a single seat (how to sleep with a snoring fat space snatcher next to you?
2. Keep ur extremities warm (tht means u've gotta get ur socks on)
3. Be kiasu (i brought a whole blanket just in case)
4. Wear warm clothing (duh~)
5. Block out the drone of the bus (plugged on some soothing Jay Chou mucis to lull me to sleep)
6. Avoid motion sickness (bring some maxolon or pack some sng buay)

Great trip back for me thnks very much to the trusty blanket.

What was all this preparation for u ask? Well to ensure i was nice fresh and ready for Wai Peng's wedding later that night at Peking restaurant the Sutera branch. It was posh, it was fun, food was great and company even better. Great wedding tht left me warm all over~

I've uploaded all the wedding pics here so those of u who are in the pics just click on the pics for a bigger version and download from here.Save me a lot of hassle. Kaka~

Everyone still looks exactly the same~albeit lots better at dressing

Yungx2 and Chen Looi relieving old times?

Group hug~

Yeon Jcin and Miao miao~ everyones working in spore!

The great thing bout Christian weddings are the excess of song and dance~this is one such dance in the middle of the dinner. Dancing girls in a chinese wedding dinner? definitely refreshing. The best part tho was when Wai Peng's mom sang a blessing song for her~i mean how often do u get tht?

Love Mun Fong's baju~ damn gaya and can keep warm too~

Best friends since ages and ages ago~

bamboo folliage~

The whole SETA gang! Wa lao still damn angry tht i din get to speak much or take individual pics with Wen Yih, Siaw Yen and Chun Hsia cos they were in the next table and left immediately after the group photo~Hmp~ next time must catch them before they *poof* disappear.

Silver maroon

More bamboo pics

Smiles all around

My captions are getting lame

Without flash

Finally the bride herself! Damn pretty~

The dress took up 3 ppl punya standing place

The clothes match

Wai Peng definitely looks the past of the blushing bride.. kaka but we''ll still always remember her has the short haired tomboy who always bruises herself back in sec school.

The end to a wonderful night

Two weddings down and 2 more to go (relative wan some more). Definitely wedding season now.

Poor sharks don't you think?

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