Wednesday, 14 November 2007


After every call i will feel like retching. Retching is like vomiting but without anything actually coming out from ur mouth. I always credit it to the lack of sleep. Usually i retch once or twice and feel fine again albeit a bit sleepy due to post call lack of sleep. Imagine my horror when i realized that i had to do EOD (every other day) on-calls and having a dinner to attend directly on the 2nd post call day~ Sien~ What appropriate timing. So far i have had the luxury of never having to do EOD calls.

Luckily, it was a 2nd call followed by a 4th call. In surgery 2nd calls means taking care of the female ward~ compared to my 1st calls , 2nd call was heaven~~ got to sleep up to 4 and a half hours. So great din feel tht tired the next day. My 4th call (basically going to OT for emergency cases as well as following the MO around if there were no emergency cases) was even better. muahaha 5 hours sleep with me only going for one operation due to the packed list for obs and gynae, orthopaedics and neurosurgical cases~

"So great.."i tell myself naively~ i'm ready to attend Su Wen's wedding~ So excited i already bought a new dress to wear a week before. The first thing that went wrong was me losing my foundation~ could not find it after i woke up at 6am in the hospital ~ what the~ did i leave it at home? or did someone come into my room and steal it.?? Granted my Maybelline liquid foundation was far from expensive~ but still~ who knows.

Anyway had to borrow some foundation from my house mate ~ thnks so much~

The wedding went on pretty well with JH , Shin Chee and I being seated among some friendly pharmacists.. then as we were approaching the 2nd last dish i started feeling queasy~

hmmm ... must be too much food i say to myself~ and strangely i was feeling really sleepy. My eyes were closing and i was practically "fishing" at the dinner table~ pai seh.

my stomach felt like it was exploding.


feel like retching ler.

But managed to tahan until the end of the dinner. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how u look at it) my friend wanted to stay back a bit for picture taking. So i went into the female toilet .. and started vomiting violently with gory vomiting noises and all. I must have traumatized a lot of innocent aunties, pharmacist and children waiting for their turn at the loo outside. The burning sensation of my gastric content traveling up my oesophagus plus the pain inflicted by the forceful contractions from my stomach and abdominal muscles to force the vomiting made me suffer like hell~

i did feel better after the vomiting tho~


glad thts over

I had to leave the restaurant and get some fresh air~

Nasib baik got to rest in Shin Chee's car a bit.

But then he told me Su Wen wanted to take pics with me.

Ok so i valiantly went into the restaurant again~ So great to see and speak to Su Wen again. her caring ways reminded me of sem 1 all over again. However in the midst of waiting for the cameraman to press the click button on the camera i felt an overwhelming wave of nausea overcoming me.

I pretended i was fine. Said my byes and immediately asked for the way to the ladies.

The f****** toilet was way over at the other end of the toilet. Plus i had to ask from a lot of bad tempered waitresses probably fuming over the big mess i made in the toilet upstairs. Not my fault okie~ no pipe for me to clean up my mess also. all i could do was flush.

Anyway~ this time it was worse.

Before i even made it to the toilet, i vomited twice on the floor. I was wiping the vommitous off my mouth when i reached the ladies to face a startled fellow toilet-goer turning around in shock at my ghastly sight.

Too engrossed in vomiting to care i quickly proceeded to enter a cubicle and projectile vomited a total of 6 times. Yes i counted in my sickly state. From my toilet cubicle i could hear disgruntled Cantonese babbling waitresses complaining about the mess i made outside. No i wasnt hallucinating from my toilet cubicle cos JH greeted me with a 'all the waitresses are complaining'. Walao i'm suffering ok? Next time u come to the hospital i complain bout ur vommitous and malaena want or not?

I hastily made a quick escape~ and proceeded home.

Suffered in a lethargic and cold state during the public breast forum the next day (yesterday) and proceeded to vomit 3 more times after taking minimal amounts of porridge.

Was in OT the whole day today ~ which was a blessing in disguise as it was so much more enjoyable than ward work~ And i ate without vomiting today~

Sorry for the verbal diarrhoea and gory details but its just something in life that i want to remember so everything else will just seem so fun and rosy in comparison.


Reverse said...

hmmm.. nausea, womiting.. Usually morning sickness occur in the morning le.. hehe ;)

saltvinegar said...

very funny jess~


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