Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pampered bliss

The only way to get over low mood is retail therapy~

And what better way than to do something different and on your own.

Undoubtedly i am not the most independent person in the world. I depend on ppl a lot.

And sometimes it limits me on what i really want to do.

After a nice McD dinner with JH ( we tapau-ed trough the drive tru then brought the grub in to eat cos the que was too too long~geniuses)

Then JH had to go back to the hospital to do the mortality and morbidity report for the week~i dread dread dread~

The sweetie offered to drop me at Jusco and pick me up later~tempting tempting but i cant imagine myself walking round Jusco alone for 2 hrs.Would much rather go home and surf.

So he dropped me back and i thought ' hey better start my car a bit or else the battery might conk out again.So i drove out to the shops to buy newspaper.

Crazy rite always buying the newspaper at night~paying for old news~.Anyway saw Cleo so bought tht too to make me happy cos haven bought it in ages. Truthfully Cleo generally sucks and do nothing for me.Give me 8 days any day. I only buy it for the free gifts. And judging by the bulge in the magazine there might just be some kind of freebie in there.

Anyway i was depressed so i bought it. had actually had a spur of moment thought to go get some pet fishes to improve the feng shui of my room. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the shop was closed. (Sunday wat and at 8pm?? what was i thinking? sure close de ma) So another spur of moment idea came up.

Next door to the newspaper shop~ i peeked in. The staff were all female tonight and they were watching some Jackie Woo variety show. Ahh~ how deprived i am for tv~ especially meaningless yet entertaining fluff TV. And who does it better than the Taiwanese. I've been meaning to go into the shop for ages and ages but never did cos it looked a bit shady what with the romantic lighting, some male staff and me being the only customer (if i were to go in la) But today dun care la~ need to pamper myself after the horrible call.

I went in RM30 for a 50 min reflexology~ well worth it. The lighting was calming. The reflexologists were from China meaning i was surrounded my ppl speaking Mandarin~at last something i could understand. They did not asked me any personal questions like what do u do? where do u stay?All they did was smile went on with their work and laughed fully engrossed at the tv show.

I actually felt quite at home enjoying the neck and feet massage while watching Jackie Wu and his usual guests making complete fool of themselves. Lovely controlled air conditioned temperature. Calming water fountain sounds stimulating the senses~Nice passion fruit smelling massage cream~

I forgot all my worries forgot all my cares~ at least for a while

No use worrying over spoilt milk

for now i just want to enjoy the simple pleasures of life(ie. the internet) while embraced by post massage calm~


shirlyn said...

a wise choice to pamper urself to a massage! u NEED it!! haha...=)

sckhsmc2007 said...

life sucks as it is, but u'll always need a way out, and seemingly, you found the rite method of getting all them worries away =) that's a good enuff thing to do! hope the daylights will keep on shinin'!

saltvinegar said...


Thnks peeps~

Seems i din screw up tht bad after all~

barely a peep of it at the M and M

But still the massage really helped~

and of course great ppl like u guys!

james said...

Ahh, the simple pleasures of life.

Don't worry. Most people screw up once in a while. Hopefully somebody's life was not on the line.

btw, most of us need to "smell the roses" more. Nothing like a change of scenery to feel better.

saltvinegar said...



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