Friday, 5 October 2007

Blog upgrade

After being stuck with the same(albeit lovely) layout for quite some time~ and since i had
nothing better to do anyway, i decided to change my blog design layout. However due to the lack of knowledge on designing and being a total noob in techie stuff, there wasn't much i could change except maybe for the header and footer designs.

So i very hardworkingly scoured the internet for pretty pics worthy to grace my blog~ it took ages and ages i tell u~ i mean yeah how hard it is searching for images on the net? But believe me it took me 3 hrs to find a pic tht was pretty enough and plain enough to let the lettering s be at least visible. Cos the whole point was to look for backdrop for my blog name anyway.

Along the way i am waylayed by the millions and millions of pretty photos i come across on flickr~ too many great pics out there i tell you yet none of them really suitable.

These are the few tht i considered and bothered downloading on my comp.
Too gaudy for my letterings to show~

Cute right? can u see the frog? near the little kids shoe~

Nice whimsical stuff leave me tingling all over~ feel like buying all these nonsensical stuff

used this one for like one day~ but found the size to be a bit wrong la~ and cos of the effect of the picture it will turn out just ugly if i resize it

This one is really cute~ kaka i can use this actually~ perhaps for my next header. Its not actually ice-cream u noe~ go ahead guess what its made of

Yup u guessed it~ all of these are SOAP~

Looks better than the real thing yeah? And the winning pic is this lovely rainbow coloured soap popsicle~ love the see-tru bits kaka~

Hai~ gonna miss JB and just doing non-important stuff at home~

I'll be back soon, home sweet home~

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Holiday Chatter said...

These would make for fabulous holiday gifts or wedding/baby shower gifts!! They are lovely!


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