Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Shop and Save

Finally back in JB after about ~~gasp~ 2 months working in Ipoh. kaka well not 2 months straight of course .. did have the occasional 3 day weekend sort of hols sort of leave. Being home is great. Being at home with money is even better~muahaha~ first thing i did when i reached home was to dish out all the pressies i bought for everyone~ with somewhat abysmal affect. A Man U jersey for Ben (ciplak of course~i'm not tht rich) , handheld sewing thing (since we dont have a sewing machine at home and mom has to do all the sewing by hand) which sews in a stapler kind of way, mag and laundry stuff for my mom, and Lingonberry jam from Ikea (more for myself actually) and an Ikea mag for my dad (ok ok some of these stuff are free but still considered pressie what). Haha~ cash received a better responce. My mom was glowing when i gave her some cash to spend kaka~ role reversals feel great~

So me and my mom went shopping at City Square (CS). I'm into the 4th day of my precious leave now and i have amassed quite a bill~ muahaha might as well since there is nothing much to buy in Ipoh anyway.I think so far i've spent 500 + on misc stuff and it feels great! These are some of the spoils of my shopping spree~~

Most treasured buy so far~ muahaha a brand new off white bag~ Love the rope like handles and many many pockets~ bought this at CS for RM49.90~

Close up view~ i just hope it doesnt turn an ugly shade of yellow in the months to come~ the shop lady advised me to use medicated oil to clean up the bag~ seriously? is this a well known tip ? Cos the lady at 1Utama told me the exact same thing when i very nearly bought a white (again) weaved bag from her. Hehe.. hmm suddenly feel like buying tht bag as well~help!! Buying too many white bags~

Stupidest buy so far~ ugly white t-shirts that dont fit so well just cos they were cheap~ argh granted i was seduced by the old school vintage prints of the doll and the cut out dresses~ but seriously these don' t fit very well at all~

I've been shopping a lot for OL (office lady) type clothes lately cos they're acceptable at work and less ugly than regular collared tops~ so i got this sweet number for RM42 at the Curve weekend flea market~ Worth it even tho i had to endure JH's many poutings and complaints of 'Hot!!'.Seriously they should make more shades around the area if they want more customers.

Anyway moving on..

... we have this turquoise mandarin collar type dress shirt from Blook in Subang Parade~ ( the very observant reader may have noticed i covered 3 shopping centres ~~~ and in a day too when i was in KL!! Muahahaha thank you understanding and patient boyfriend) . This one costs RM59 and it was the last piece~ granted i don't usually spend more than 50 for a top but since i was feeling rich WTH~ kaka but sort of regret it now cos its a bit too low cut for work~ in my field of work anyway la~

and last but not least bag charms~ i was so tempted to buy some bag charms online since i cant find any decent ones at all in Ipoh~ not many ppl sell bag charms either~ i was all for forking out 35++ plus postage fees for a single charm but thankfully i spotte these sweet beauties at 1utama at Momoe and quickly snapped 2 of them up at a go~ RM10 each well worth it~ Not very clear from this pic (i cant get my camera to focus!) but they're really pretty.

Now after all that spending felt a bit bad , so i got dad to bring me to the bank todayto sort out my finances. Haha~ wanted to check out whether i spent my August on-call money without realizing it~ turn out they didn't bank in my on-call money till the 27th!!! Thts after i got my pay!! whereas everyone else got their call money in the middle of the month~phew what a relief~ I'm not so bad in finances after all~ I withdrew some money to give to Dad and then since i had a bit of money left i decided to~~


In fixed deposit~

Ta daaaa~~

Ok ok ok the retursn are lousy but it's a start right~ kaka

Feeling proud~


Sam said...

Nice white bag. Is it leather?

saltvinegar said...

nope its PVC but looks like leather tho~

suwen said...

Some ppl very kaya now...hahah must belanja me more often at Beacon Point :)

Jinsterz said...

kaka u also dun like the food at beacon point de hahaha

must invest some money yo look presentable at somebody de wedding liao lo~ keke

Teh said...

Hi Salt and Vinegar,
I was searching for hand held sewing machines and came across your blog. I'd fun reading it !!
could you be so kind to tell me (below my e-mail)where u got it and for how much ? Did ur mum said it was useful ?


saltvinegar said...

i guess its easier to reply from my blog~ believe it or not i bought it at a pasar malam near my place for only 10 ringgit~ super cheap. It works like a stapler and is fairly simple to use but it takes some time getting used to. I cant seem to get nice straight stitches yet.


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