Wednesday, 26 September 2007


After the MO fiasco~ thankfully by a stroke of luck, or perhaps good thinking by the wonderful HO captains part i was able to avoid(almost totally) being in the same ward as the terrible MO who shall not be named. I covered for 8A on friday then came back to my 8B ward on the weekends (unfortunately he was on call in 8B on Sat but hey whats half a day) covered 8A again on Monday then had a hectic but somehow sweet last call (which was a 1st call=male active ward).In the midst of the hecticness somehow Farah managed to show me a silver lining when she caled to ask me to go for the blood donation drive~ hallelujah~ tht was definitely something to look forward too~

So blood donation drive on Tues (get to see lots of cute Sam Tet kids and reminiscence about my long-gone student life) then today woot woot sent to nephro~ yeah get to do new things and totally avoid the miserable MO~

So i get to be here till my hols~

Thnk you Farah~

life saver~


shirlyn said...

hey..u read liping's blog eh...hehe..she's a funny blogger isn't she...

saltvinegar said...

yup yup saw her blog tru your recommendations~ and really nice to read kaka~ so good things must share

ur bf geng ler

won so much at genting~

kaka while JH lost bout the same amount


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