Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cleaning up - retro 80's

I recently moved back home! Which means i have to make the room i moved out of 10 years ago current again! And would you believe the amount of junk memorabilia i have stashed in my closet? I don't know how many diaries and autograph books i have, but it's a lot!

Here's photographic proof of the amount of junk i have.

I've decided to share some of the more interesting things i found in my cupboard.

My first gift from my husband!

Retro Michael Owen poster. I was pretty crazy about him then and he was still in Liverpool then. Now? Not so.

Of course everyone loved/loves David Beckham. And these trading cards were free with Pepsi.

Does anyone remember these? They used to be really popular in the 90's, but seriously why do primary school kids need name cards anyway?

A picture of my 9 year old self with my brother and  cousins.

I took more than 2 full days to clear my wardrobe.. phew.. Speaking about retro though, check out the really retro cafe i went to in JB a few weeks ago. It's called Roost cafe in Jln Dhoby.

Was the food any good? Seriously i have no idea since the place just had to have a black out as they were preparing our food.

Randomly, sorry too disorganized currently to have a well planned out post.

My favourite ChaTime beverage Strawberry Au Lait pudding. Yum yum those swirly yellow stuff is pudding. I like it but can't seem to finish it.

In other random news, i bought a 'Rice Soap' from a Shoe Shop (yup weird), which was rubbish since it disintegrated to something along the lines of gel like rice water after 2 uses.

 I thought i could say goodbye to books for a while but it looks like i have to hit the books again sooner than i thought. Sigh.. 3/4 of my reading material for year 1. Someone help me!

That's all for this post. Vivi content next post.


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Gosh~ We do have things in common... LOLx...!!! I used to love to watch david beckham and Michael owen. But now, no more.

the stickers too.. I have another version, which is the card version. where we enjoy distributing and exchanging our cards... Hahaha...

and of course, the collection of our books...!! hahaha

IceCreamBun said...

Your wardrobe doesn't show that you're married at all.. Looks bachelorette.. LOL!

saltvinegar said...

Veanne: Mine are cards too! That's just the pamphlet to order the cards from hehe.. hahaha we have similar childhood memories!

Ice Cream Bun: I'm practically living the life of a student now!Thanks for dropping by:)

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Oh~ I tot it was the sticker type... lolx~


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