Saturday, 23 June 2012

Magazine freebies August 2012

Once again a pictorial overview of what freebies the Japanese mags are doling out soon.

Not many words for this post since the pictures are self explanatory. Many of these items are out in July.Release dates are for Japan. Malaysian dates may be slightly slower by up to a week.

Spring magazine cute polka dot coin purse out 23rd July.

Cutie magazine 'Dazzlin' card case out 12th July.

Glow magazine 'Dean and Deluca' cooler bag out 28th June.

InRed magazine clutch/sling pouch out 12th July.

Monomax Fred Perry camera case out 10th July.

Steady magazine Clathas wallet! Out 7th July.

This one interests me the most. LeSportSac pouch in a line called Arizona dream. Very tribal chic to me! Love the thing dangling at the side.Out 12th July!


synical said...

I wouldn't mind the camera or 3DS case and the Dean and Deluca chiller bag. The odds of me getting them are slim.

saltvinegar said...

But at Rm 50 each it's kinda expensive..

synical said...

Hence why I said the odds of me getting them are slim.

I never even knew about the mook thing until recently.

If they're in Kino, I'll go take a look see for shits and giggles.

Anonymous said...

the snap purse from spring looks so cute...
I might check out the cutie card case and in red purse =)

Suzu Blog said...

i love this blog *O*

saltvinegar said...

Suzu:Thank you!
Sheyx:It's cute!! But out of my budget :(


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