Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magazine updates

I's the start of a new phase for me. Part 2 of my post-grad programme. Moving back to my hometown, starting a new hospital, meeting new bosses, for better or for worse, hoping for the best.Lots of problems here and there, but generally i feel blessed with what i have. I'll get back to that when everything is properly sorted out.

Thus my lack of posts.

To update on the magazine world though, ViVi is now in English as ViVi Malaysia version and the issues are quite up to date! And i was just wishing for an English version on my previous blog post! Psychic or what :p

Also the June issue of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia comes with a small vial of Chloe Eu De Parfum. I didn't buy this though since i've gotten the freebie perfume before. I must say though this is a really nice smelling perfume. One of the best. It's floral and not overpowering. I hate it when perfumes make me smell like old women. This one though stays young and fresh.

Go get it if you have yet to try it.

I saw this in Kinokuniya, and so it should be at most major book stores.

Due to me being away from home for about 10 years, my room is trapped in a time warp, and i have the unenviable task of decluttering so that i can move my current things in. You won't believe the amount of junk/memorabilia/collectibles i found in my closet. That i supposed will be for another post. In the meantime, i have to get back to cleaning... ugh..

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