Thursday, 31 May 2012

ViVi Magazine Scans

It's summer in Japan, and fashion magazines are parading their summer best which is awesome for us at Malaysia who go rather green with envy looking at autumn and winter fashion spreads cos we know if we attempt to layer more than one piece clothing we will surely melt into a sweaty mess.

Living at the equator with summer the whole year round, it's kind of difficult experimenting with fashion. Here then are some inspiring fashion related spreads from ViVi June 2012 issue.

I'm not going to upload the whole magazine here (cos you can probably get it pretty easily online and the pictures are watermarked with the website  source anyway), but rather put up some of my favourite pages.
(Disclaimer i do not own these pictures and did not scan them myself. I put up what was readily available on the net)

 Enjoy the summer fun!

ViVi covers always seem the nicest at bookstands.

Layer on the bracelets! Makes anyone look boho chic.

The thing about the summer this season is that it's all about pastel colours! Have you seen TOPSHOP and MNG stores lately? It's ALL pastel!

Really washed out pastel blue denims seem a pre-requisite. On a random note, i can no longer fit into my size 24 jeans anymore, i have officially started understanding why some girls complain they can't fit into their jeans anymore.. all the more reason to buy some pastel ones then. #alwaystrytolookatbrightsideofthings.

Lots of comfortable cotton non-figure hugging clothes- i like.

See what i mean about pastel?

I really want to get these pants cos they look extremely comfortable yet hip. I can't seem to find any decent ones around though. Let me know if you see any nice ones in KL please.

And what's a Summer edition without a bikini spread. Can't we all have this vacation vibe all the time?

Lena Fuji portraying the virtues of ripped denim shorts.

A whole segment about copying celebrity street style. Pretty interesting thus why i'm posting a majority of the segment here.

Miranda Kerr looking good in basically anything.No plastic surgery needed - i think.

Phew i'm only half way through the magazine and already my post is picture overloaded. This magazine is the best! Too bad we only have the English version of Ray here. If we had English ViVi i'd buy it every month!


Anonymous said...

i ever seen light blue pastel jeans somewhere in kitchen or forever 21. Then in a korean butik called Seoul Mate (klang) has more colors like purple and pink but unfortunately they have been closed down. All of the pants i saw are skinny type jeans


saltvinegar said...

Hi Sherlyn! I just bought a pair of light blue denim at Sg Wang.. I'll go check out the Kitchen and F21 ones u mentioned! Thanks!

Simona Ion said...

Lena ! <3


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