Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photo Meme :Non-makeup edition aka Random things edition

Okay this post is seriously late, but i wanna do it anyway. The lovely Yumeko started this meme and i wanted to do it too but i had no plushies to speak of. Then i remembered i might have one.. or part of it anyway .. found it took a picture and hence i'm able to join the photo meme.

So here goes, my photo meme albeit a cheat version.

1. Plushie
I'm not a person who buys plushies at all.. i mean it's lovely to look at but what about all the dust it gathers? I never buy them, and i don't encourage people to buy them for me. Thus the one and only plushie resembling item i have.

Okay okay technically this is just a picture of a cannister with a picture of a plushie instead of a picture of a plushie. I had bought this during my early dating days, with the mistaken belief that i could and would replicate this doggy plush toy seen here with the readily available items contained in the cannister.I had sewn the head, and realised there was not much of a resemblance to a dog, as it rather looked more like a bear. I duly gave up, but still kept the cannister in my now husbands place in Slim River.

2. Food/snack/meal

I had just discovered these delectable chocolates. They look like your normal run of the mill chocolates coated with a candy covering.. but they are in fact..

... kuaci coated with chocolate with a candy covering.

For many non-Malaysians or Singaporeans, a kuaci is this:

Sunflower seeds! At the moment they only sell it at Country Tit Bit stores.. and they taste really interesting. It's an acquired taste though. You either think it's brillian or it's meh.. i love it!

Oh and another food related item.. (cheating again with multiple pictures).. Hokkaido cream stew blocks from Daiso. Seriously creamy stuff. but it gets cloying after a while..

3. Stationary

I recently made this.. well actually i just stuck leaopard print fuzzy sticker sheet over a free notebook, and i love that it looks instantly hip yet corny..

4.Something i wear

Due to post exam euphoria, i somehow managed to buy 10 items of clothing at Sg Wang plaza within a day.. The purple polo shirt and the brown slacks next to it are for my husband ... i wanted to get really faded blue jeans, but they were having this promotion where one item costs RM108 while 3 items cost RM 88. It was a no brainer then that i picked up some extra pieces of clothing for my husband, to get the cheaper price.

An eye cover i recently bought.. but can'r seem to find it anymore. I seem to have misplaced it.Either that or someone stole it because it's so cute. Love that there's a cooling patch inserted inside, though it would be great if i could actually read Korean and decipher what the exact contents of the eye patch are.

Oh and a third picture, cos i want to show you my braided bracelet with charms on it. Cute and small enough for my tiny wrists. 3 for RM15 at CottonOn.

5. Something random

Hello Kitty pluggies. But why is Dear Daniel with a ribbon?

Random adorable Hello Kitty paper bag from Uniqlo in conjunction with their Hello Kitty T Shirts.

Oh and i finally got my hands on the much raved about Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. I think these are one of the rare shades that actually look natural on my lips, and the moisturizing quality of it is pretty awesome.

Hope you liked it!

If you decide to do your version of  this photo meme too please do leave a link in the comments!


LauraLeia said...

The pic of the doggie plushie is really cute. :D I'm not one for teddy bears, instead preferring stuffed dogs or dinosaurs, haha. I've never tried those kuaci coated with chocolate though. O__O and the cotton on bracelet is nice! :D

Haru said...

Wow, very interesting items you got there! I've never seen the candy coated kuaci before. And the Uniqlo x Hello Kitty shopping bag is so cute! Thanks for sharing :-)

saltvinegar said...

Thanks for visiting Haru and Lauraleia (can i call u leia instead?).. those kuaci centred chocolate is really ingenious.. tiny, nutty and you don't have to peel kuaci shells anymore :)

Angeline Ng said...

I got the lip butter but it's cherry tart! :)hehe

Yumeko said...

wooo thanks for joining!

ok first of all, i have a similar plushie kit but i dont think i ever made it XD i must go look for it

something new, kuaci! thanks for sharing! i have seen sunflower seeds chocolate before though, they sell it in korea!

omg 88 for 3, thats a no brainer!

i didnt realise it was daniel till u said so, i thought both of them were hello kitty XD


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