Monday, 21 May 2012

Lowry's farm wallet

I'm back!! Anyone missed me? Totally tak malu.. probably no one missed me but i sure did miss blogging! Not that i had any time to do it.. The 3 week study break and 1 week of exams were mentally and emotionally draining. After all that, i still cannot confidently say i will pass.. post graduate exams are a whole new ball game.. all i can do is hope i did ok..

Anyway i'm on a 1 week holiday so all i want to do is... nothing!! Wahahah the best feeling in the world is after exhausting and freaking yourself out for exams, you get to spend the next few post exam days doing absolutely nothing!!

And by nothing i mean blogging. It's frivolous , brings nothing that can improve someone else's life, no one will starve if i don't blog.. and yet it is sinfully gratifying to blog and have people read my posts. Even if i have only one reader (which would probably be my mom), i would probably still blog..

And so here's my one and only Japanese magazine buy during the period i was on blogging leave.

Non-no June 2012 issue came with a Lowry's farm floral fortune wallet! Fortune wallet hahaha.. i have no idea how this wallet is going to give me more fortune but it's certainly gorgeous! This must also be one of the best quality freebies i've received in a while.

I was actually looking out for the Salvatore Ferragamo with Monomax multi-case. I couldn't find it. Anyhow its was dark blue and rather bland with an unconventional non-user friendly design. I am glad then that i bought this instead. I was afraid that there would be puckering and shoddy workmanship, but what i got was a cleanly stitched , extremely smooth surfaced water resistant floral fabric wallet! And it's supposed to bring fortune too! My old wallet was also looking a little worse for wear by that time.

I was scratching my head as to why this freebie is such a good quality one. 

Then i visited Lowry's Farm's website and realized.. it's their 20th birthday!

And so they had a special collaboration with Non-no magazine. As a tie-in with the magazine, they are giving away the fortune wallet, with a floral print that matches a few of their special 20th birthday pieces. Thus the wallet had to be in good quality, to entice people to buy their matching birthday pieces.

The matching dress and skorts.

Here's the actual product.

Totally vibrant, floral print. No irritating creases or puckering almost always seen in other magazine freebies.

Cloth, but made water-resistant.. how do they do it..idontknow..

The back.

The inside.

I kinda got mesmerized by the prints and may have took too many repetitive photos.. my apologies.

The Non-no models with the fantastic freebie.

And so i have a new wallet!

The good news is there are quite a few copies of this particular issue on Non-no still on the shelves in Kinokuniya KLCC.


StreetLove said...

You're back! haha

There's lots of copies now in Kino. I think it's not selling very good so they actually put one of the wallet on the outside of the mag as display.

saltvinegar said...

Actually they sold quite a few copies.. cos they brought in stacks of this issue.. perhaps they were displaying how well made this particular one was..

They should do this for all freebies IMHO so that we don't buy any low quality stuff :p

Rachel said...

Love the prints on the wallet! Japanese magazines have such great freebies. I sure wish Singapore magazines had such freebies too. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

saltvinegar said...

Rachel: You've got a nice blog :) and hey these are sold in the Kinokuniya in Singapore too! Singapore mags have good freebies sometimes. haha better than nothing..


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